Maria also led our rehearsal ceremony, and our families and wedding party was blown away by her warmth, attention to detail, and positive energy.
— Kristie + Matt, Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, Maine

Talented Maine Wedding Vendors

ben wheeler photography Ben is a kind, unassuming, cheerful photographer who knows how to get the photos that will please his clients and make them look their best. The photos he took of the couple who's wedding we both worked on made them look like rock star celebrities! He's got a great sense of humor which goes a long way on your wedding day. So, let's sum it up: he's sweet and talented and funny, how could you not want him as your photographer?

emily elizabeth events  Emily is the sweetest! Her wedding styling is creative and she has unique ideas which make her weddings really stand out from others. She's super professional, super talented and knows her business. On wedding day, Emily is 100% in charge but never breaks a sweat, never rushes nor panics. She's so calm, you instantly trust that she's got everything under control (and she does). Not only that but, she oozes style and class and has a great sense of humor; all things you need when planning and styling the wedding of your dreams! Here's a wedding we worked together. 

daisies + pearls | merrymaking  I had the pleasure of working with Sarah on a wedding in Northport, Maine. She was so sweet, calm, and organized. Her calmness really set the tone for the day. I look forward to working with her again!

diane york weddings  Diane has long experience in both officiating and wedding planning. She's that unique professional who can do both on the same day! She's cheery and kind and I confidently refer inquiries to her when I'm not available. The Maine wedding industry is a better community because Diane is part of it!

from this day forward traveling makeup  What can I say, Cynthia and her team make brides look so beautiful! What more could you want on your wedding day? Just look at how beautiful she made Katie!

greta tucker photography  Greta is a wonderful photographer and professional! She's unassuming and guides her subjects with warmth rather than force. Her photos are beautiful and timeless. It was a pleasure working with Greta and I look forward to our next wedding together!

henry + mac photography I love Dana and Zak and you will, too! They're kind, sweet, unassuming and  wildly talented. You will adore the photos they take of your wedding and you'll probably end up being friends with them for life. They're just that awesome!

kivalo photography  Patty rocks! She's the hardest working photographer I know. She's 100% dedicated to being the best and it shows in her work. Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer she's the sweetest person. I trust her completely and know that if she were your photographer she'd put you at ease and probably say something to make you crack up; that's just how she is. When you choose Patty you'll have made an excellent choice!

kristin mills events  I worked with Kristin on a wedding in Maine and she was fabulous. She was organized and had everything under control. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to doing it again.

pencil events  Creative, clever, unique, fabulous, funny, and a total pro, that's what you'll get if you hire Megan to be your wedding planner/stylist. There is no one doing weddings like Megan! Id' love to be inside her head and see how she comes up with her creative ideas. She's not only talented in design but she's the easiest person to talk to and understands human relationships and all the zaniness that can come up around weddings. She's your go-to gal for everything you'll need for the wedding beyond your dreams!

pretty flowers maine Amy strikes you right away as someone who knows her art/work. She's experienced and creative and can do pretty much anything. I worked with Amy on Erin Little's wedding and was blown away by the chic florals she came up with that looked effortless and yet elegant.  

reverend erika hewitt  I can tell you, without having ever seen Erika in action, that she is an excellent minister and officiant! She has a warmth and realness to her that immediately makes you feel comfortable; like you're with an old friend. Her energy is calming, even though she's clearly passionate about her work. I just know she takes good care of all her clients. She's more than just an officiant, she'll be your minister and guide you through the sacred right of marriage.

rhythym and light ceremonies Lauren exudes love and positivity and strength and calm. She's all-in with everyone she communicates with. You feel like she's listening to you with her whole being, and that makes for one talented and genuine officiant. I haven't ever seen her perform a ceremony but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she's amazing! I know her as a friend and a colleague and can recommend her without reservations!

watershed floral  Sarah from Watershed Floral is a master! Her arrangements feel effortless, timeless and just plain stunning. If you want flowers for your wedding that are unique, creative, interesting and fabulous then hire Sarah. She sources a lot of her flowers locally (some even from her own yard) and executes her clients' vision with ease. She's down-to-earth, super sweet, and is a total pro.

windy hill photography I recently worked with Liz from Windy Hill Photography on an elopement ceremony which took place on a beach here in Maine. Her beautiful photos speak for themselves, but what they don't tell you is how much you're going to like Liz. She is warm, professional, puts you immediately at ease, and has a great sense of humor! I look forward to working with her again!

dragonfly services day of coordinator Wendy's long experience shows in all that she does. Nothing can ruffle her feathers. She will be an epicenter of calm on your wonderful, exciting and full wedding day. Her attention to detail and her genuine desire to make each and every wedding the most special, flawless, smooth affair it can be means that that's exactly what it will be! I've worked by her side and seen her in action and so I know just how excellent she is. I trust her completely, and you will, too. Her ability to take care of you, make you feel special and give you all her attention while effortless making sure everything happens on time illustrates her kindness and professionalism. Trust me, you don't want to have a wedding without Wendy!

lad photography Lauren is all heart! Her passion for her craft is contagious. Her awesome sense of humor and her authenticity will surely put you at ease on your wedding day. Think about it: you'll spend more time with your photographer than any other vendor on the day of your wedding. So pick someone like Lauren and you're in for a good time! She's literally an award-winning photographer so you be assured you're going to get quality images, too! Can you say "Perfect package?!" That's Lauren!

cakes for all seasons Not only is Lisa a talented baker, she's the kindest, sweetest, most real person you'll meet. I recently asked Lisa "If money were no object, what would you do for your dream job?" and her reply was "I'm doing my dream job!" That, my friends, is the kind of vendor you want to work with! Passion, integrity and gorgeous, yummy cake? What more could you want from your wedding cake baker? 

closer north photography High quality, genuinely kind, creative and unobtrusive are the first words that come to mind when I think about the Closer North team. Erica and her team understand the importance of being everywhere all at once but making it seem like magic. You'll look at your photos and think "I don't remember seeing her over there!" And that's exactly what you want from your wedding photographers. So, that's how they work. Now let's talk about their gorgeous, light-filled, timeless images that capture every moment of your special day. Closer North has repeatedly and without hesitation allowed me to use images from our mutual weddings for my social media and that speaks to Erica's willingness to be a team player. I'm also so happy when I know a client of mine is working with Closer North, because I know it'll be a wonderful, smooth day and there will be stunning images afterwards.