best of 2012

if you're on facebook you might have recently seen how they gave you a "see your 2012 year in review." well i've decided to give you a "see a sweet start's 2012 in review." i've had the most amazing year. it was my first full year of performing weddings and i can't say enough how i feel like i've found my calling. i feel so lucky to have found something that is so rewarding. i want to give a huge shout out to all my clients and say hello to some new ones who'll i'll be working with next year!

here are some of my favorite moments from 2012. 

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{featured wedding} midcoast maine wedding

i'm so excited to be giving you the first featured wedding on my blog! the bride and groom are acquaintances of mine and when i heard about their wedding i immediately contacted their photographer, david zwickerhill photography, to see if i could feature it on my blog. ericka and matt got married in septmber at the harrington meeting house in walpole, maine. i can't wait to perform a wedding there because it looks amazing! all exposed beams and rich with character. after the ceremony they celebrated their new marriage at the round top farm in damariscotta. another awesome venue! seriously, could this couple be any cuter?! 
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wedding trends: antlers

ok so this isn't the newest trend in wedding decor, but it's just about the most awesome theme i can think of for a winter wedding: antlers! there is something so rustic and yet chic about antlers. cute little deer decorations (without antlers) can be sweet and chic, too. what's your take on this trend? would you incorporate antlers into your winter wedding?

take a look at some antler inspiration below. 

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anniversaries: 10 years

i love dan and aubrey! they own an awesome pet supply store called the animal house here in damariscotta, maine. they've been married for 10 years and are the best couple. it's inspiring to hear how sweetly aubrey talks about dan. they have two beautiful boys, a bunch of dogs, and a whole lotta friends who adore them. here aubrey answers questions about what it's like to be married for 10 years. 

when and where did you get married?
august 2002, providence, rhode island 

what did you like most about your wedding?
it was a daytime, casual wedding - the food and music were outstanding

what would you have done differently about your wedding?
i would not have gotten married in august- it was incredibly humid

what changed after you got married?
i felt more settled

what surprised you the most about being married?
that not much changed after we got married - in a good way

what do you like most about being married?
who i am married to - he knows me better than anyone and accepts and loves me the way i am

what advice do you have for engaged couples or newlyweds?
a marriage has little to do with the wedding - the wedding is a party, and it will all come together. what matters more is what happens after the dust settles.

if you could change one thing about your marriage, what would it be?
sometimes we get a little complacent

would you ever consider renewing your vows?

anything else?
i was addicted to the drama in previous relationships - the ups & downs, etc...and i don’t miss it one bit!

116 reasons to get married in maine

this is a video audra photography put together to entice you to have your wedding in maine. i LOVE it! does it make you want to get married in our great state? 
all photos in the video are by audra photography

best days to get married in 2013

if you're planning to get married in 2013, you may want to heed the wisdom of the farmers' almanac. up here in the northeast the farmers' almanac is read and consulted throughout the year. we're all especially keen to see what kind of winter it says we're going to have. from the sounds of it it's going to be an unusually cold and blustery winter with "above normal" percipitation. oh no!

those of you with summer weddings* may want to refer to the following dates. according to the farmers' almanac, what follows is a list of the Best Days in 2013 to Get Married. 

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wedding decor: table scapes

if you follow me on pinterest, you know that i love everything about weddings! one of my favorite boards is wedding decor. here are just a few of my favorite wedding table scapes and place settings. i hope they provide you with inspiration for your wedding. 

Source: via a sweet start on Pinterest