things i'm loving

every now and then i do a list of things i'm loving. i think of it as a way for you to get to know me better. so, here are a bunch of things i'm loving right now.

this TV show - season 2 is now available and we're watching it

this coffee maker - we just got one at my day job

these shoes - so, so comfy!

these glasses frames - i ordered a pair to try on to see if i wanna buy them

this recipe - i add kalamata olives and feta cheese yum!

this handbag - too bad my birthday is over :(

this celebrity couple - they've been together since high school, aw! 

this pinterest board - meow

this "radio" station - best dj in maine!

this trend - i'm going to teach myself how to make these

things i'm loving

i'm on a bit of a break from weddings until august, so i thought i'd drop in with a quick "things i'm loving" post. i'd love to know what you're loving at the moment. 

these popsicles - although i haven't made them yet, i'm going to (for my birthday party!)
this dress - not sure how it would look on me, but i LOVE it!
this album - okay, i know it's not "new" but it's so, so good (and he's hot). thanks, erin, for giving it to me!
this bathing suit - i'm totally into stripes at the moment (can you tell?) 
this maine band - we're seeing them in concert next week 
this show - my husband and i are completely hooked and watching every season on netflix
this drink - i am serioulsy addicted, i have one every day after lunch 
this snack - i'm not 100% convinced it's real but if it were...

what are you loving? 

things i'm loving

here are a few things i'm loving these days. what's on your list? 


this tv show (don't judge!)
these shoes (i'm a size 7, hint, hint)
this dress (i bought it for weddings this summer)
this island (where i get to perform a wedding this summer)
this wedding planner (she's so cool!)
this kitty (i love him!)
this award (please, please vote for me!)
this shirt (i need clothes so badly)

i love this pink song (above in the video) featuring nate ruess from fun. i especially love that pink's real-life husband carey hart stars in the video. the story behind the song is the story behind their marriage. it may sound silly but pink and carey were married in costa rica the same month and year that i got married (January 2006). when i heard they split up the first time i was a little sad just knowing that they had only been together as long as we had. i'm so glad they got back together and had a sweet little daughter! i'm such a huge fan of marriage and making it work. it was so nice to see a hollywood couple going to therapy and sticking together. yay for marriage! 

things i'm loving

let's take a little break from wedding stuff today. here are some happy, springy things that i'm loving at the moment. what are you loving right now? 

these eggs

this photographer 

these old guys

this dress (i still can't decide if it would look good on me, though)

this cat

this woman's hair (just like someone else i know!)

this couple to win

this movie (it should have won best picture and best actress oscars this year)

this sunday event (i've never been. going for the first time tomorrow!)

things i'm loving

i haven't done one of these posts in a while and there are so many cool things i want to share with you. what are you loving right now? 

wimp | this is an awesome website/app. they post 5 videos a day that are family-friendly and on a broad range of topics. some fun, some inspirational, some educational, all awesome!

sequins | awesome pinterest board from {this is glamorous}, her blog is great, too!

luksin designs | a maine fashion designer (and personal friend) using quality fabrics. i have one of her tanks and i love it!

fun. | lead singer looks like guy pearce and sings like an angel. their songs are power anthems! oh, and they support marriage equality

lobster | even though summer is over and that's typically when everyone is eating lobster, i crave it year-round. the lobster fishermen had a tough year so the more i eat the more i'm helping them. cool. 

eyes open photography e-course | okay, full disclosure: i'm a guest contributor in the course, but i also think it's really cool and if you're interested in being a better, more creative photographer SIGN UP NOW!

swimming | i don't have a link for this one, but i've started swimming at our local community center and i now remember how much i love it!

say yes to the dress | cannot. stop. watching.

concord grapes | our local cooperative is carrying the most delicious organic concord grapes and i've been eating them until my lips are sore. they are SO damn good.