things i'm loving

here are a few things i'm loving these days. what's on your list? 


this tv show (don't judge!)
these shoes (i'm a size 7, hint, hint)
this dress (i bought it for weddings this summer)
this island (where i get to perform a wedding this summer)
this wedding planner (she's so cool!)
this kitty (i love him!)
this award (please, please vote for me!)
this shirt (i need clothes so badly)

i love this pink song (above in the video) featuring nate ruess from fun. i especially love that pink's real-life husband carey hart stars in the video. the story behind the song is the story behind their marriage. it may sound silly but pink and carey were married in costa rica the same month and year that i got married (January 2006). when i heard they split up the first time i was a little sad just knowing that they had only been together as long as we had. i'm so glad they got back together and had a sweet little daughter! i'm such a huge fan of marriage and making it work. it was so nice to see a hollywood couple going to therapy and sticking together. yay for marriage! 

cool wedding portlandia

i love this clip! have you seen that t.v. show portlandia? well, it's about the OTHER portland, as in oregon, and it's hilarious. it stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as they give a "wonderfully unique rendering of Portland, OR." enjoy!

hope springs movie review

i recently watched this movie, hope springs, (and forced my husband to watch it with me) and you know what? it was really good! of course, with pros like meryl streep, tommy lee jones and steve carell, what else would you expect, but i thought it was going to be just sappy and outdated. it wasn't either of those things. it was real and honest. it does get a little cringy during the scenes where they're talking about sex and actually having sex, but overall it's a very sweet and touching movie. 

the best part: the very end when the credits are rolling. that sounds awful, but that's actually the best scene in the whole movie. i don't want to give away the ending so you'll just have to trust me.

the worst part: it was supposed to take place in maine but all the scenes were shot in connecticut. lame! 

all in good time | wedding movie

this looks really sweet! it's a wedding movie made by the people who did calendar girls, remember that hilarious movie? here's what imdb has to say about it: 

East is East writer Ayub Khan-Din returns with another funny, tender-hearted portrait of family strife. Based on his popular play Rafta, Rafta (itself inspired by Bill Naughtons 1960s classic All in Good Time), the film is set in Bolton where Atul and Vina are celebrating their marriage. However, a honeymoon spent with his parents was not part of their plans. Thoughtless patriarch Eeshwar seems determined to emasculate and embarrass his son. As the weeks pass, consummating their union becomes an impossibility that threatens the couples entire future. A breezy mixture of heartbreak and hilarity, All in Good Time also offers peerless performances from original stage stars Harish Patel and Meera Syal.

it released may 11, 2012 in the uk, not sure when it's coming to the us. i'll keep you posted. 

5 year engagement movie - ultimate surprise


so the five year engagement opens tomorrow, april 27, 2012, are you excited?! public relations for the movie sent me this clip from a premier of the movie, and you have to see it!

michael and girlfriend erica are huge movie buffs and she's a huge Jason Segel fan. michael has a plan to help erica meet the actor, and he's got something else up his sleeve as well. will erica be too excited about meeting her star crush to realize that Michael is asking her to be his leading lady?

aw! i cried when i watched it. i'm such a sap! 

the five year engagement | wedding movie


"the director and writer/star of forgetting sarah marshall [one of my all-time favorite movies!] reteam for the irreverent comedy the five-year engagement. beginning where most romantic comedies end, the new film from director nicholas stoller, producer judd apatow (knocked up, the 40-year-old virgin) and rodney rothman (get him to the greek) looks at what happens when an engaged couple, jaon segel [i love you!] and emily blunt [finally gets to use her real accent], keeps getting tripped up on the long walk down the aisle. the film was written by segel and stoller."

it opens april 27, 2012 and i cannot wait to see it!