How I Manage Your Wedding Rehearsal

How I Manage Your Wedding Rehearsal

How I Manage Your Wedding Rehearsal

I wrote a blog post about how I prepare for your wedding the week leading up to it. I included each activity I do each day up until the day of your wedding rehearsal. So, now I’m going to describe to you how I manage your rehearsal.

Not All Officiants Run the Rehearsal

For starters, let me tell you that, not only do not all officiants run the wedding rehearsal, some officiants don’t even require one. I definitely require a rehearsal and it’s included in my fees, because it’s that important. Even the simplest wedding can benefit from having a rehearsal. All the little details get worked out and, in my experience, everyone feels more relaxed on wedding day because if it.

I’m a Full Service CEREMONY Coordinator

I consider myself a full-service ceremony coordinator. I define the ceremony as the time between lining the wedding party up, pre-processional, through signing the marriage license after the ceremony. Being an officiant, who is also a full-service ceremony coordinator, means I help you envision and plan all the logistics of your ceremony (you can read more about me and the services I offer), and then help bring that vision into reality at your rehearsal.

What happens at an A Sweet Start Rehearsal?

Glad you asked! If you’ve hired a wedding planner or day-of wedding coordinator they usually gather everyone together, introduce themselves and then turn the rehearsal over to me. The the hour-long rehearsal goes like this:

  • I bring everyone together into a circle. I ask everyone in the circle to introduce themselves and tell me how they’re connected to you, the wedding couple.

  • I talk a little bit about creating a wedding bubble around you and your sweetie all weekend, so that you two can relax and enjoy this incredible time together.

  • I then verbally describe what everyone is going to do from lining up and processing, through the ceremony, and then recessing.

  • I have you all get in your places where you’ll be during the ceremony, and then we practice the recessional (the end). I do this because then you’ll know where you’re headed once we practice the processional (the beginning). Make sense? Trust me, it isn’t nearly as confusing when we’re doing it at the rehearsal. Hahaha!

  • We then line up and practice the processional.

  • At the rehearsal, I don’t say any of the words of your ceremony, we just practice logistics, like where you move when a reader is speaking, or where to stand for the wine ceremony, or how loud to say your vows (I don’t actually let you say them at the rehearsal!).

  • We ALWAYS practice The Kiss!

  • Then we practice the recessional and decide where we’ll recess. This is usually based on where your photographer wants you for photos immediately after the ceremony. I make sure to check with your wedding planner and photographer to make sure there’s a seamless flow from the ceremony to the next phase of your wedding day timeline.

  • Sometimes we practice the entire ceremony again, especially if we’re timing it to a specific song, or if there are some complicated logistics.

  • I then gather us all back together and go over a few last notes, what time and where everyone will need to be on wedding day, and remind you about any props you will need (like for the sand ceremony or beer ceremony or breaking of the glass).

  • At the rehearsal, I also collect your marriage license and am responsible for it from then on.

“My main goal is for your wedding ceremony to unfold effortlessly on wedding day!”

My main goal is for your wedding ceremony to unfold effortlessly on wedding day, and the more comfortable we all feel with the ceremony at the rehearsal, the more perfectly everything will happen on wedding day! Any questions?


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