When to get married in Maine

When to get married in Maine

When to get married in Maine

When to get married in Maine | Photo by  KAngell Photography

When to get married in Maine | Photo by KAngell Photography

If you’re not from Maine or aren’t currently living here but you want to get married here, you probably want to know when is the best time to get married in Maine. I’ve lived in Maine since 2007 and having been an officiant since 2011, so I have a lot of experience to help you find the right time of year to get married here. 

What Kind of Wedding Do You Want?

Before you can choose which month to get married in Maine, you need to decide on what kind of wedding feel you’re going for. If you want an intimate, indoor wedding with snow swirling outside and crackling fire, then you definitely want to get married in the winter. But if you want an outdoor, seaside affair with 200 guests, you’re looking at the summer. Once you’ve decided on the feel you want for your Maine wedding, we’re ready to begin. 

April and May*


  • There are fewer weddings at this time of year, so you’ll have your pick of venues and vendors.

  • There is nothing quite like apple blossoms, tulips, lilacs and daffodils to brighten up your spring wedding.

  • Lodging can be less expensive for your destination wedding guests since this is still technically the “quiet season.”


  • It can still be chilly, so you’ll want to either have the wedding indoors or have a solid backup location in case of inclement weather.

  • Rain, mud and wind. These things are not your friend on wedding day.

  • The landscape is still a little sparse and not all that beautiful yet (especially in April).

*Pre-Memorial Day



  • June can be warm and sunny and beautiful; perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  • Towns and roads aren’t yet crowded with summer tourists (that really starts after 4th of July).

  • Beautiful landscapes full of flowers and bright green grass make June perfect for outdoor weddings.

  • Longest day of the year is at the summer Equinox which is in June.


  • Maine can still get a lot of rain in June, have rain boots and a solid back up plan in place.

  • June is still a popular month to get married so you may not get your first pick of vendors.

  • Blackflies.

July and August


  • There’s a joke in Maine, “I hope summer falls on a Saturday this year!” which means that the warm weather is sometimes fleeting. July usually has the warmest weather, so it’s a good bet for an outdoor wedding.

  • By late August most of the tourist families are back in school so traffic and room rentals have opened back up.

  • Summer in Maine is spectacular! Everyone is happy, the days are long, the beach sand is hot. Who wouldn’t want to visit during this time of year? You’ll impress your guests!

  • You have your pick of amazing flowers that are in season.


  • If you don’t book your vendors far enough in advance, they’ll likely be booked for these popular wedding months.

  • Some restaurants and hotels have “high season” rates and by “high season” many of them mean July and August.

  • Crappy time to take a honeymoon to a tropical locale.

September and October


  • Absolutely the most beautiful time of year in Maine: days are warm, sun is still high in the sky, leaves are changing colors…it’s perfection!

  • Most of the mosquitos are gone so you have a better chance of bug-free evenings.

  • You have Labor Day Weekend and Columbus Day Weekend, both are good for planning a destination wedding in Maine.


  • Evenings are chilly and can dip down into the mid-30’s. Brrrr! You’ll need a well-heated venue or supplemental heaters.

  • September and October are the new June, everyone wants to get married in Maine at this time of year. Prepare yourself for some serious competition for the best wedding vendors.

  • Folks are back to work and kids are back in school so it’s harder to get your full guest list to attend.

  • However, there are leaf-pepper tourists so traffic is busy again as are restaurants and lodging options.

November and December


  • Summer tourists are definitely gone so your options for vendors expand.

  • There is something so beautiful about the Maine landscape at this time of year. It’s raw, monotone and moody, all good qualities for a unique wedding.

  • Major snow storms in November are rare so your chances of having to cancel any part of your celebrations due to weather is lower than mid-winter (January, February, March). But, knock on wood, just in case!


  • It can be very cold and windy. Definitely plan on having an indoor wedding in a well-heated venue.

  • Some venues and vendors are surprisingly busy due to demand for holiday events. Think caterers and florists.

  • December can see major snow storms and icy roads, all bad things for people traveling to your destination Maine wedding.

January, February and March


  • You’ll have your pick of vendors since winter weddings in Maine are still gaining in popularity.

  • Some vendors, not all, offer “off-season” discounts so you may find deals, but don’t expect them. Some vendors feel that no matter what the season, they put in just as much work so their prices are not discounted (I’m in the latter group).

  • If you’re lucky enough to get married while it’s actually snowing, you’ll have some of the most romantic and fabulous wedding photos, ever!

  • Great time of year to take a honeymoon to a tropical locale!


  • Many seasonal venues are closed, so you’ll have less options to choose from.

  • Bad winter weather. If many guests are traveling from away and flights are canceled, your wedding could be canceled, too.

  • Some vendors consider winter their off-season and aren’t as good at responding to inquiries, calls and emails. I’m not saying this is ok, but it’s reality. Expect longer than usual response times.

  • Not many flowers are available, which means you’ll either need to be creative and use something else or budget more for your florals.

So, tell me, in which month will you get married in Maine? Or in which month did you get married in Maine? Do you have any other bits of advice I can share with my readers about when to get married in Maine? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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