What I regret about my wedding

What I regret about my wedding

What I regret about my wedding

I have only one regret about my wedding. No, it’s not the man I married nor the vows I took. It’s not the date we chose nor the location. It’s not the timeline nor the food. My only regret about my wedding is that we didn’t hire a videographer. 

At the time, we felt like hiring someone to film the wedding would just be a wasted expense; a luxury. We hired a very talented professional wedding photographer and felt confident in that decision. We knew that the wedding photos would be the only thing that would really last after the wedding, and so we splurged on two photographers (which wasn’t customary at the time) and the leather bound album.

While I’m so grateful we have photos from our wedding (and I do look at the album), what’s really missing from my memory are all the wonderful things our guests said and all the other sounds of the day. I don’t remember who stood up to toast us, let alone a word of what they said. I don’t remember the music our friend wrote for our processional or what our officiant said during our ceremony. I would love to see how people enjoyed our wedding while we weren’t with them. Did they have fun? What did they laugh about? Who did they meet? What did they feel and think about the day? 

Please learn from my one regret and hire a wedding videographer to film your Maine wedding! And if you need a little push, here are my reasons why to hire a Maine wedding videographer

7 Reasons to hire a filmmaker for your wedding

  1. You think you’ll never forget your wedding, but you will.

  2. You’ll get to hear your partner pledge eternal love and devotion.

  3. You’ll get to hear the sounds of the fun party you spent so long planning.

  4. You know how hard you worked on your beautiful, meaningful ceremony? Don’t you want to hear it again? And again? And again?

  5. It all goes by in a blur, video can slow it all down so you can savor the feelings, emotions and memories.

  6. You’ll get to see what your guests were doing while you were busy.

  7. A wedding film, along with a wedding album, will give you the full picture of your day.

To help you find the videographer that’s right for you, I made a list of some of Maine’s best wedding videographers. Find a way to prioritize your wedding budget to include a videographer, you will never regret it!  


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