What Does a Wedding Officiant Do

What Does a Wedding Officiant Do

What Does a Wedding Officiant Do

What does a professional wedding officiant actually do? Photo by  Denny Müller

What does a professional wedding officiant actually do? Photo by Denny Müller

What Wedding Officiants Do

  • Offer advice on how to apply for the marriage license

  • Make referrals to other wedding professionals they know and trust

  • Listen to you describe the wedding ceremony you want

  • Help you envision the entire wedding ceremony from the pre-processional (seating of anyone special like parents, grandparents, etc.) all the way through the recessional

  • Guide you through creating the outline or structure of your wedding ceremony

  • Offer unique and beautiful sample ceremonies to get your creative juices flowing

  • Collaborate with you both to write your custom ceremony

  • Offer guidance to help you write your own vows

  • Offer ideas of unique elements to add into your ceremony to make it super special

  • Help you personalize your wedding ceremony with readings, poems, songs, vows, processional music

  • Offer advice on how to incorporate friends and family in your ceremony

  • Offer advice on the timing of your ceremony and how it affects the rest of your wedding

  • Help you think through the backup plan in case of inclement weather

  • Outline, organize, and facilitate the wedding rehearsal so that everyone knows their cues

  • Try to learn the names of your wedding party and family members

  • Communicate with the musicians, the wedding planner, the site coordinator, the photographers, the videographers, the readers, and anyone else involved in the ceremony

  • Practice your ceremony over and over and over and over and over before your wedding

  • Arrive at your wedding early to greet you and your family and friends, make any last minute adjustments, ensure all the “props” are in place, test the microphone, practice the ceremony one last time, check in with all the vendors

  • Line everyone up, psych everyone up, and wish you good luck before heading out to start the wedding

  • Help calm any member of the wedding party who needs it

  • Perform your wedding ceremony with LOVE!

  • Ensure you and the witnesses sign the marriage license and that the photographers know when and where you’ll be signing

  • Congratulate you and your beloved and give you big hugs and best wishes before leaving the wedding

  • Complete the marriage license and mail it in as soon after the wedding as possible

  • Thank you for including them in your wedding and ask you to review their services

What Wedding Officiants Do NOT Do

  • Show up on wedding day, read the 20 minute ceremony and leave


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