Things I’m Loving

Things I’m Loving

Things I’m Loving

I love sharing things I’m loving with you all! I think it’s a fun way for you to get to know me and maybe find a few things that you love, too.  Can you tell I love nautical stuff? 

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This shower curtain – we’re redoing our bathroom and this would be perfect!

This meal – I can’t wait for summer here in Maine!

This doorstop – love the mix of materials

This wall hook – which also may look cute in our new bathroom

This song (yes, I still love it!)

This podcast – I just started listening to it and I LOVE it! I’m learning so much!  

This serum – I use it everyday and swear my face is smoother (maybe it’s all in my head?)

This coffee maker – I got one for my husband for his birthday! 

These shoes – I need these!!

So, what are YOU loving these days?! 

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