getting married in september in maine

happy september! september is one of the best months to get married in maine. here are a few reasons why you might want to get married in september in maine.

  1. many of the summer visitors (a.k.a. tourists) are gone so you can get reservations at restaurants again
  2. the weather during the day is usually gorgeous, although it can get chilly at night
  3. the bugs (a.k.a. mosquitos) are mostly gone
  4. the leaves are just starting to change towards the end of the month
  5. venues are more available, but you still need to book well in advance

according to the 2013 farmer's almanac, the best days to get married in september 2013 are 1-4, 7, 8, 18, 28-30.

according to almanac, the long range weather report for portland, maine says "september and october 2014 will be warmer than normal, with rainfall slightly above normal in the north and a bit below in the south." warmer than normal sounds pretty good to me! 

so tell me, in what month are you getting married in maine?


things i'm loving

let's take a little break from wedding stuff today. here are some happy, springy things that i'm loving at the moment. what are you loving right now? 

these eggs

this photographer 

these old guys

this dress (i still can't decide if it would look good on me, though)

this cat

this woman's hair (just like someone else i know!)

this couple to win

this movie (it should have won best picture and best actress oscars this year)

this sunday event (i've never been. going for the first time tomorrow!)

and the winners are...

john and larry on vacation in camden mainei'm so excited and pleased to announce the winners of my maine gay wedding giveaway! john and larry contacted me a few months ago. it seems that john had seen a comment i made on a huffington post article and either liked what he saw or was interested enough to check out my website. i'm SO glad he did!

as so many others, john and larry are "from away." way, way far away. they live in mississippi and have to come to maine for vacations in the past. they have spent time in camden and port clyde, but they love monhegan and have decided to have their wedding on the island. i couldn't be more excited! an island wedding? now that's dreamy. 

i look forward to meeting these two in person and to being honored with the role of officiant at their maine wedding.