wedding trends: antlers

ok so this isn't the newest trend in wedding decor, but it's just about the most awesome theme i can think of for a winter wedding: antlers! there is something so rustic and yet chic about antlers. cute little deer decorations (without antlers) can be sweet and chic, too. what's your take on this trend? would you incorporate antlers into your winter wedding?

take a look at some antler inspiration below. 

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wedding decor: table scapes

if you follow me on pinterest, you know that i love everything about weddings! one of my favorite boards is wedding decor. here are just a few of my favorite wedding table scapes and place settings. i hope they provide you with inspiration for your wedding. 

Source: via a sweet start on Pinterest

statement wedding jewelry

i wore my grandmother's earrings on my wedding day. it wasn't to follow the "something old" tradition, i did it because they were chunky and big (for me) and my wedding guests in the last row could see them. i didn't wear a necklace so i wanted my earrings to make a statement. i love the look of big necklaces or bold earrings with a sweet wedding dress. don't forget, it's not just the size of the piece but that color can make a big statement, too. to give you a little inspiration for your wedding, below you'll find some awesome statement wedding jewelry and i'll start with my own earrings! 

 my grandmother's earrings (not a huge statement) | amy wilton photography


you can view more wedding jewelry on my pinterest boards.

wedding trend: non-white wedding dress

what do you think of this trend: the non-white wedding dress? i happen to LOVE it! it's a bold fashion statement but one that pays off. here are some of my favorite colorful wedding gowns. would you wear any of them? 


wedding trend: die-cut decor

die-cut elements are a big hit in weddings right now. from invitations to place cards to favors to jewelry. you can die cut into wood, metal, paper, hard plasti, leather. i love how die-cut items look like lace: delicate and sophisticated. what do you think of this trend? 

one of the brides from a wedding i performed owns a business called peppersprouts and she makes all sorts of cool "modern home decor and accessories" and many of them are die-cut. i love her stuff! she also has a great blog called upstate fancy, check it out!



actually i think this last one is a papercut which is different than die-cut, but it's so cool i wanted to share it anyway.

wedding trend: chevron stripes

if you spend any time on pinterest you'll see that chevron stripes are just about the coolest thing since patterns were invented. people love them some chevrons. it's by far my most popular board with 137 followers (cake is in second place with 120). i also love the chevron pattern. here are a few of my favorites.