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you've probably been wondering where i've been lately and why i have posted in a while. well, i've been very, very busy. i've been posting on facebook, twitter, and NOW on pinterest! if i didn't have a job and somewhat of a life, i'd be pinning ALL DAY! a bride told me that it's addicting and i believe she's right. it's all i want to do. but the doosey is that i'm in front of the computer at work all day so it's not very healthy to be in front of the computer all night, too, so i don't have many things pinned yet. but i'm getting there. 

here's something i've come to realize: i can look at wedding dresses as much as i want without feeling weird; like i'm-already-married-so-why-am-i-looking-at-wedding-dresses weird. it's part of my job! ha! this claire pettibone dress (above) photographed by elizabeth messina is just about the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. but i do have some other dresses pinned on my wedding couture pinterest board. and i'll be adding more daily (i'm sure).

by the way, if you want to be totally blown away by a pinner (someone who pins on pinterest) you've got to check out oh lovely day, she's amazing! clearly she's been doing this for a while. 

and who doesn't love a vera wang?!


photos of a dear friend of mine taken by meare you wondering whether or not you should wear fake eyelashes on your wedding day? DO IT! it was totally not in fashion when i got married but, oh how i wish it had been! close up they look kinda crazy and over-the-top but in photos they look amazing. they totally enhance the drama of the day, if that's what you're going for. of course, if you're planning on getting married barefoot in a meadow, you may opt for au natural. but i'm almost convinced that either way, false lashes are the way to go. i look at tons of wedding blogs of real weddings and i'd say brides participate 100% in the falsies right now. trends may change but in this case, i hope they don't!

what about you? are you going full-on with the lashes?