wedding trend: anemone flower bouquets

There is a flower called anemone, it's usually white although it comes in many colors, but it usually has a dark black center. I think of it as an edgy flower, making it perfect for an urban, sophisticated wedding. Of course, it's papery petals means it's also super ethereal and fragile making it perfect for a fairytale, meadow wedding. Either way, it's the hottest flower for wedding bouquets right now. My favorite is when it adds some edge to an all white bouquet. I personally love the anemone flower, plus it's fun to say. Here are some wedding bouquets with anemones.

Photo by  The Reason

Photo by The Reason

Photo by  Flora + Fauna

Photo by Flora + Fauna

10 springtime wedding bouquets

it's been very chilly here in maine lately, and when that happens i love going to my pinterest wedding bouquet board and drooling over the gorgeous flowers. they remind me that winter can't last forever and that eventually it will be spring! to get you in the mood for spring, no matter where you are, i give you 10 gorgeous springtimey wedding bouquets. enjoy!