Meet my new cat Sammy!

Oh my god, you guys, we got a new cat! As many of you know from previous posts about me, I'm a bonafide crazy cat lady. I love everything cat and have cat bags, cat socks, cat mugs, cat tea towels, cat picture frames, cat get the idea. My cats even have their own Instagram account! So, it's with absolute delight that I introduce you to our newest furry kitty, Sammy! 

We rescued Sammy from Another Chance Animal Rescue in North Berwick, Maine. He had been in the shelter system for over a month and was patiently waiting to get picked. My friend, Bree (another wicked cat lady) shared photos of Sammy on Facebook and I instantly fell in love! In fact, my husband and I were planning to get a kitten in the spring, but when I saw Sammy and felt this deep connection we knew we had to meet him. He joins big brother Felix and sister Bean to round out our trio of kitties! 

So, without further ado, here is our new ginger kitty, Sammy the Cat!

Leave a comment and tell me just how handsome you think Sammy is! :)

Things I'm loving

This edition of Things I'm Loving is devoted to cats. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bonafide crazy cat lady. In fact, a dear friend of mine just told me I'm her favorite cat lady! My cats have their own Instagram account, where they share their Maine cat life. I'm the person people think of when they see anything cat - videos, blog posts, clothing, books - you get the idea. So, here you go, a bunch of cat-related things I'm loving. 

Things I'm loving cat edition. Cat butt magnets from  Kikkerland Design

Things I'm loving cat edition. Cat butt magnets from Kikkerland Design

  • These socks I just got for Christmas (from aforementioned friend)
  • This Pinterest board (yes, it's mine!)
  • Pretty much the greatest thing ever
  • This notepad, which I don't have, but I have the tote bag with this same graphic
  • I follow these kitties and these kitties on Facebook
  • This tote bag, although mine is light green
  • This cat video is so sweet it makes me smile
  • There are no words to describe how badly I want these magnets
  • Visiting this place is on my cat-bucket-list
  • This t-shirt, which I actually own and wear often
  • I laughed for days and days at this photo
  • Pretty sure this is my favorite cat video
  • If all goes well, I'll be visiting this place in January!
  • I'm so in love with this "problem child" cat
  • This live feed that I sometimes watch when I need to say "awwwww!"

things i'm loving

here are a few things i'm loving these days. what's on your list? 


this tv show (don't judge!)
these shoes (i'm a size 7, hint, hint)
this dress (i bought it for weddings this summer)
this island (where i get to perform a wedding this summer)
this wedding planner (she's so cool!)
this kitty (i love him!)
this award (please, please vote for me!)
this shirt (i need clothes so badly)

i love this pink song (above in the video) featuring nate ruess from fun. i especially love that pink's real-life husband carey hart stars in the video. the story behind the song is the story behind their marriage. it may sound silly but pink and carey were married in costa rica the same month and year that i got married (January 2006). when i heard they split up the first time i was a little sad just knowing that they had only been together as long as we had. i'm so glad they got back together and had a sweet little daughter! i'm such a huge fan of marriage and making it work. it was so nice to see a hollywood couple going to therapy and sticking together. yay for marriage!