things i'm loving

here are a few things i'm loving these days. what's on your list? 


this tv show (don't judge!)
these shoes (i'm a size 7, hint, hint)
this dress (i bought it for weddings this summer)
this island (where i get to perform a wedding this summer)
this wedding planner (she's so cool!)
this kitty (i love him!)
this award (please, please vote for me!)
this shirt (i need clothes so badly)

i love this pink song (above in the video) featuring nate ruess from fun. i especially love that pink's real-life husband carey hart stars in the video. the story behind the song is the story behind their marriage. it may sound silly but pink and carey were married in costa rica the same month and year that i got married (January 2006). when i heard they split up the first time i was a little sad just knowing that they had only been together as long as we had. i'm so glad they got back together and had a sweet little daughter! i'm such a huge fan of marriage and making it work. it was so nice to see a hollywood couple going to therapy and sticking together. yay for marriage!