nautical maine wedding inspiration

i'm having a love affair with anchors and all things nautical at the moment. i don't know what it is but i'm totally into it. i figured i'd turn this obsession into something useful, so here it is. a nautical maine wedding inspiration blog post! enjoy! 

you can see more nautical awesomeness on my pinterest page. 

top 10 pinterest wedding peeps

recently i've seen a bunch of wedding bloggers putting out their top 10 pinners to follow on pinterest for wedding inspiration. well, i LOVE pinterest and am on it daily, so i thought i'd join in the fun.

i tried choosing some unique pinners because you probably already know about all the usual ones (martha stewart weddings, 100 layer cake, style me pretty, etc.). below is my list of people or organizations you could follow to get awesome wedding inspiration. have fun!


1. F R I P P E R I 


2. Kinfolk Magazine - "a guide for small gatherings"


3. sara {burnett's boards} 


4. {this is glamorous}


5. gus & ruby letterpress


6. every last detail


7. grey likes


8. reverie magazine


9. the white dress by the shore


10. a sweet start

wedding trend: chevron stripes

if you spend any time on pinterest you'll see that chevron stripes are just about the coolest thing since patterns were invented. people love them some chevrons. it's by far my most popular board with 137 followers (cake is in second place with 120). i also love the chevron pattern. here are a few of my favorites. 

wedding dresses + pinterest

originally pinned by

you've probably been wondering where i've been lately and why i have posted in a while. well, i've been very, very busy. i've been posting on facebook, twitter, and NOW on pinterest! if i didn't have a job and somewhat of a life, i'd be pinning ALL DAY! a bride told me that it's addicting and i believe she's right. it's all i want to do. but the doosey is that i'm in front of the computer at work all day so it's not very healthy to be in front of the computer all night, too, so i don't have many things pinned yet. but i'm getting there. 

here's something i've come to realize: i can look at wedding dresses as much as i want without feeling weird; like i'm-already-married-so-why-am-i-looking-at-wedding-dresses weird. it's part of my job! ha! this claire pettibone dress (above) photographed by elizabeth messina is just about the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. but i do have some other dresses pinned on my wedding couture pinterest board. and i'll be adding more daily (i'm sure).

by the way, if you want to be totally blown away by a pinner (someone who pins on pinterest) you've got to check out oh lovely day, she's amazing! clearly she's been doing this for a while. 

and who doesn't love a vera wang?!