wedding apps

i downloaded the following (free) wedding apps on my iphone. here are my thoughts on each one.

vera wang on weddings 

  • overall a really classy resource.
  • the interface is, like vera herself, chic, modern and elegant. there are style inspiration boards categorized by type: the traditionalist, the modernist, the individualist, the romanticist, and the minimalist. they're gorgeous!
  • there are wedding guides with photos and articles that are easy to read and helpful. guides like cakes, flowers, planning, etc.
  • the guide on dresses is awesome! there are 169 dresses to look at. you get a full-length front and back shot,  a sketch of the dress, and a youtube runway video of each dress! this is without a doubt the best part of the app. the images are crisp and clear and stunning as are all the dresses.
  • the part of the app that you'd use for planning seems cumbersome where you have to add each guest and vendor separately (no import option); the tasks are pre-assigned although you can edit them or add your own
  • 4.5 stars with 84 ratings

maine wedding company 

  • great app for finding maine wedding vendors (who have paid to be listed)
  • there is an "ideas" section but it's all based around different vendors rather than general ideas. this is okay if you're looking for vendors, but it feels a bit too much like advertising if you're just wanting general help
  • there's a link to "wedding blogs" but again it's only blogs from listed vendors, so there are a lot of repeats and not much diversity (mostly photographers)
  • simple and easy to use
  • no ratings yet (it's brand new)


  • first of all this is the conde nast uk edition and it's a little confusing. i think you're supposed to use it with your subscription to the magazine but there are some features that are enabled in the iphone version. 
  • best part of the app is the "beauty tips" section, as you'd expect from a glamorous magazine. 
  • the vendor finder is all uk-based so unless you live there, it's useless
  • the dress finder is so fun! you can search by label or style. i'm addicted to searching by labels i've never heard of. there must be 500 labels on there. some of the photos are not that great and you can't link to the designer or find out any more about the dress, but i guess you'd have the name of the designer and then you'd go to their website and try to find the dress (that part isn't good)
  • for some reason some of the menu options (fashion inspiration and planning inspiration) are greyed out and i can't access them, not sure why. maybe i need the subscription. 
  • there's a honeymoon finder which is fun, but i have a sneaking suspicion their paid advertisements
  • not the best app, but good for dress inspiration
  • no ratings yet

wedding 911 by the knot 

  • i love this app! it's set up as a question and answer type format. 
  • it's way more interactive than any of the others ones i've reviewed. there's a "vent" section which is awesome. you can reply to other posts and keep up with the discussion
  • the other sections are: etiquette, ceremony, reception, fashion/beauty, getting in shape, saving $$/DIY, bridesmaids, and honeymoons. each section has a list of questions and when you click on the questions you get carley's answer (not sure who she is but she's good!)
  • the text is straightforward, easy to read, informative and helpful. i could see this as being a really useful resource while you're planning your wedding. 
  • you can also ask your own questions (if you have or create an account) and i imagine they'll get added to the appropriate section as the app updates
  • 3.5 stars with 31 ratings

are you using a wedding app to help you plan? which one are you using? i'm curious about the paid-apps and if they're any better. would love to hear your thoughts. 

midcoast maine wedding gifts

if you're getting married in lincoln county, maine, and guests are attending your wedding "from away" (that's maine-speak for "from another state") then you might want to supply them with gifts that have local flare. i love the idea of giving gift bags full of yummy and fun things that represent the area where your wedding is taking place. there are tons of amazing maine-made products to choose from, many of which you can get right here in damariscotta

renys department store mugrenys department stores are headquartered in damariscotta. they are a chain of small discount stores throughout maine that have been a part of the state's culture since 1949. they have everything you need and have quite a following. as a matter of fact, you can probably find 100 other gifts at renys, too!

the lobster coast by colin woodarda new england bookseller's association's non-fiction bestseller, the lobster coast " the Rosetta Stone for understanding coastal Maine, Maine culture, and the political, cultural, and economic divisions that drive 
policy decisions to this day." it's a very interesting book that your guests can read on the plane home. you can pick it up at the maine coast bookshop & cafe on main street.

 gift certificate from the damariscotta river grillif your guests are staying in town, they might like a gift certificate to the damariscotta river grill. they have the best wine selection in town, and the food's good, too. really, a gift certificate to any of the restaurants in town would be fun. there's king eider's pub, which is a totally cool, old skool pub; the newcastle publick house a newer-style pub with awesome pizza; best thai, which has a low-key vibe and great food; savory maine, which uses organic and local foods; and schooner landing which is right on the water.