10 blue engagement rings

it's engagement season! between thanksgiving and valentine's day a TON of people get engaged. i thought i'd do a little post of engagment ring inspiration with a twist: blue engagement rings. for the record, blue is my favorite color, so it's a no brainer that i'd love blue gemstones for engagement rings. i hope you enjoy this list of ten engagement rings all with blue stones. if you're not into blue, i have a pinterest board loaded with all sorts of different rings



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engagement rings

congratulations on your engagement! engagement season is thanksgiving through valentine's day. so in honor of that, i'm doing a(nother) post on engagement rings. i have an awesome rings board on pinterest in case the few i've chosen here aren't enough for you. have fun!

engagement ring inspiration

conflict-free diamonds

i love diamonds! i mean, i really love diamonds. back when my boyfriend and i were talking about getting engaged, i spent some a lot of time looking at rings. i picked out a setting and a cut that i liked, printed the image and gave it to him. subtle, right?
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