things i'm loving

hello folks! i've been so busy lately and enjoying every minute of it. herewith a list of the things i'm loving right now: 

chukar cherries i found these at pike place market in seattle when i was there for a friend's wedding last october. we've been eating the pinot noir dark chocolate ones but there are tons to choose from and they even have wedding favors! 

equally wed an online wedding resource for the LGBT community. i read about the founder's reason for starting the magazine and felt like saying "right on, kirsten!"

snowshoeing it's been a pretty mild winter in maine this year so i've only been out twice (and one of those times i was walking on pine needles), but i'm totally addicted and actually can't wait until it snows again! and if you know anything about me that's saying something (i hate winter). snowshoeing is an awesome way get in shape for your wedding.

this winter has been about finding ways to make our dollars stretch by making our own stuff: applesaucecrackers, and toothpaste (don't add salt, baking soda is salty enough). this has nothing to do with weddings except maybe helping save money so you can spend it later on your wedding! 

the glee synchronized swimming marriage proposal. need i say more?!

downton abbey only 3 days 12 hours and 13 minutes til episode 4! best. show. ever!

what are you loving right now?