why the back of the wedding dress is so important

I was approached by Simply Bridal about them doing a guest post on my blog. I get many of these requests and normally I just ignore them because they're not right for my site. But when I got this request and checked out Simply Bridal's website I was immediately convinced that they would be a good fit for the A Sweet Start blog. The dresses are great and reasonably priced (from less than $100 to about $700). There are literally hundreds of dresses to choose from and my readers get a 15% off discount code! Use code SBL131SS which is exclusively for my blog readers. With their wedding dresses and this discount code, your wedding dress could be the most inexpensive part of your wedding! Imagine that! 

So here is the wise wisdom from the ladies at Simply Bridal about why the back of the wedding dress is so important. I agree with everything they're saying! 

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