getting married in september in maine

happy september! september is one of the best months to get married in maine. here are a few reasons why you might want to get married in september in maine.

  1. many of the summer visitors (a.k.a. tourists) are gone so you can get reservations at restaurants again
  2. the weather during the day is usually gorgeous, although it can get chilly at night
  3. the bugs (a.k.a. mosquitos) are mostly gone
  4. the leaves are just starting to change towards the end of the month
  5. venues are more available, but you still need to book well in advance

according to the 2013 farmer's almanac, the best days to get married in september 2013 are 1-4, 7, 8, 18, 28-30.

according to almanac, the long range weather report for portland, maine says "september and october 2014 will be warmer than normal, with rainfall slightly above normal in the north and a bit below in the south." warmer than normal sounds pretty good to me! 

so tell me, in what month are you getting married in maine?


best days to get married in 2013

if you're planning to get married in 2013, you may want to heed the wisdom of the farmers' almanac. up here in the northeast the farmers' almanac is read and consulted throughout the year. we're all especially keen to see what kind of winter it says we're going to have. from the sounds of it it's going to be an unusually cold and blustery winter with "above normal" percipitation. oh no!

those of you with summer weddings* may want to refer to the following dates. according to the farmers' almanac, what follows is a list of the Best Days in 2013 to Get Married. 

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