The Sweetest Start to Married Life

The Sweetest Start to Married Life

The Sweetest Start to Married Life

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“Finding the right officiant was the highest priority for my husband and I as we started planning our wedding. Maria was everything we could have wanted and more. A true professional and absolutely wonderful human being. You can rest assured that she has thought of everything and will make sure your wedding day is as stress free and joyful as possible.

The silver lining to delaying our wedding due to Covid was having extra time to work with and get to know Maria. You know you have a special officiant when you are looking forward to seeing her on your wedding weekend as much as guests you’ve known for years! It felt like we had known her forever. She was compassionate and empathetic when we had to postpone our original date and maintained the same level of enthusiasm throughout our long wait. Maria is incredibly organized and “on top of it”. She was communicative and responsive as we planned our ceremony and vows.

Maria made our rehearsal an exciting event in and of itself and set the tone for us to truly enjoy the wedding weekend. Her professional, warm, kind and calm personality shown through during the ceremony. It was personal, meaningful and celebratory. We feel so lucky to have had her be a part of our special day and bring our ceremony vision to life.!”

— Carolynn + Tim, The Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport, Maine


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