So Much More Than Just a Script

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So Much More Than Just a Script

So Much More Than Just a Script

I’ve thought a lot about who I am as a wedding officiant. I am devoted to my couples. I care deeply about the energy surrounding my couples on wedding day. I focus on staying grounded and calm during the ceremony. I have an excellent response time to all client communications. I bring joy, warmth and heart to the wedding rehearsal.

And not one of these things has anything to do with the ceremony script!

Which is why I decided to write this post. I want people to know that the lovingly created, meaningful wedding script that I craft for your Super Sweet Wedding Ceremony is only a part of what I actually do as your wedding officiant. While the script is very, very important for setting the right tone, engaging your guests, and reflecting who you are as a couple, what’s even more important is all the other stuff I do for you.

“I want people to know that the lovingly created, meaningful wedding script is only a part of what I actually do as your wedding officiant. ”

What do I actually do? Read on…

Rather than just telling you everything I do, other than writing your ceremony script, I thought I’d have my previous clients tell you in their own words. The following are actual phrases from actual past clients. You can see all my review, if you want to read the full reviews.

  • Maria has a quality about her that is exceptionally rare. The first time you speak with her, it feels as if you have known her forever.

  • Maria was fun and assertive, making sure everyone knew where to be, which took so much pressure off of us and allowed us to relax and enjoy it!

  • Having her as our officiant felt like being married by an old friend.

  • She also led our rehearsal ceremony and our families and wedding party was blown away by her warmth, attention to detail, and positive energy.

  • She involves everyone attending the wedding and invites them to participate in the couple’s magical day. In her voice she pours out her soul with such feelings and excitement. At times you could hear a pin drop and then the next moment the entire gathering in laughter.

  • Being very much a type A planner, I cannot tell you how much I worship her organization skills, she was always on top of everything and lightning-fast responsive when we contacted her.

  • It’s obvious that wedding are just more than a paycheck to Maria, they are her passion and that makes all the difference in the world.

  • Beyond just drafting the ceremony, Maria’s command of the ceremony, ability to corral those involved, and remind us to stay in the moment was everything we needed, but didn’t expect.

  • I especially appreciated her work in coordinating the actual logistics of the ceremony and rehearsal (timing, processional order, seating etc) this was a HUGE value and not something I necessarily thought of when researching officiants.

  • On the day of our wedding she was very supportive and made me feel like okay, I CAN do this!

  • On our wedding day, we found ourselves more emotional that we expected, and Maria was our rock and helped us be in the moment and get through the tears!

  • We had a fantastic check in with her a few months before our wedding where we went over every detail, and she prompted us to think of things we hadn’t considered.

  • During the rehearsal and ceremony, Maria was so organized but also incredibly warm and kept us at ease.

  • She is so easy to communicate with, responds quickly and has a great sense of humor.

  • She even made sure we had all the necessary documents with us to finalize the marriage application, dropped it off herself, and we received it very promptly without any hassle!

  • Her warmth, joy, excitement, love for her job and love for standing with couples as they state their vows to one another is infectious.

  • Maria of A Sweet Start is so incredibly talented, creative, and devoted to each and every one of her clients.

  • My husband and I didn’t think we cared that much about who would marry us. But let me tell you, Maria goes above and beyond.

  • Meeting in person for the first time at the rehearsal, Maria was enthusiastic, organized and efficient. She instantly put the bridal party and family members at ease.

  • During our conversations she made us feel very comfortable, she was completely on board with the vision we had for our ceremony, was fun to talk to and loved our cat.

  • Maria always brought energy, organization, and a truly authentic belief that our love was something special and that our weddings day was going to be wonderful.

If you’ve read this far (thank you!), you can now see how so much of what I do as your wedding officiant is outside of just the script. I am your guide through this beautiful process of getting married. I am your grounding force, your touchstone, your calming energy. I am with you and there for you in every way possible. When you work with me, you feel taken care of and loved!


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