Selling Your Wedding Dress One Bride’s Story

Selling Your Wedding Dress One Bride’s Story

Selling Your Wedding Dress One Bride’s Story

How did you feel about your wedding dress when you bought it?

I had tried on over 50 dresses and just could not find the perfect one. I was feeling pretty defeated and was about to settle for this gorgeous classic strapless gown and decided to purchase it at a upcoming trunk show to get a discount. The trunk show was featuring some of their newest line and when my stylist saw some of the pictures I had saved she showed me Jacinda and I felt instantly in love. It was the first gown that actually looked like the pictures I had saved and the first time I felt like I had a bridal glow.

Why did you choose to sell your wedding dress?

I had a perfect dress in mind for my wedding day and unfortunately every dress that I liked was out of my budget. I promised myself that I would sell my dress if I needed to go outside of my budget so that I could recoup the additional funds spent.

Did you struggle with the decision?

I had it in my mind from the very beginning I would do it, so I didn’t really give myself the opportunity to struggle with it.

Did anyone try to talk you out of it?

I had a lot of woman compare the feelings they had with their own dresses, how they couldn’t possibly sell their own, and even people telling me flat out that I would regret it. The latter actually made me more determined to prove them wrong.

Do you know anyone else who sold theirs?

I had a friend who actually purchased her dream dress used and also sold it after. She felt that someone gave her the opportunity to afford her dress and that she should pass on that generosity. Her story truly made it so much easier to let go of my dress.

What was the hardest part of sending it off?

I wasn’t concerned about wearing it again or passing it on to my daughter, so it was actually pretty easy for me – almost freeing. I did have a tiny twinge of regret when the professional photos came back. I was reminded of the memories that came with the dress and I just wanted to touch it one more time, but it was a fleeting moment and quickly passed.

What was the best part of selling your wedding dress?

The woman who purchased my dress is now friends with me on Facebook and I will get to see her photos and I get to see the dress live on through her.

What service did you use to sell your wedding dress?

I actually posted it for free on Once Wed. I had a lot of emails that seemed sketchy and the website always says respond at your own risk, but the woman who purchased my dress wrote very detailed emails and reached out to me multiple times so I felt comfortable working with her. You can also pay OnceWed a fee to handle the sale of your dress for you so that you do not have to deal with it, but I actually was able to find a buyer for my dress within a couple weeks of posting. We decided that would be the best place to handle payment. It has a small fee based off the sale price and it protects both parties! It was actually a seamless and easy transaction.

So, what do YOU think? Are you going to sell your wedding dress? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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