Picking Flowers in Maine

Picking Flowers in Maine

Picking Flowers in Maine

“I wondered if we could either reschedule our coffee date, or if you might want to drive to Buxton with me in the morning to cut flowers. I’ll have to spend an hour or two cutting (read: working), but we could chat on the drive, and you might enjoy the flower farm.”

And so it was that I found myself tagging along with Megan Hevenor of Field Floral Studio to the Little River Flower Farm in Buxton, Maine on a sunny autumn day. Of course I brought along my camera because: flower farm! Megan was right, I did enjoy the farm.

Megan is one of Maine’s best floral designers. She uses her creativity and excellent design sense to create one-of-a-kind arrangements that feel natural and effortless. She’s also a total sweetie and is a joy to work with!

By the way, you can also get married at the Little River Flower Farm! They have a charming ceremony spot equipped with wooden benches in the forest next to a little stream. Very sweet.

All photos below taken by me. 


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