20 years, 3 kids, 1 hilarious vow renewal

Liz and Paul, of Windy Hill Photography, had their first date in October 1988, that's 27 years ago! They've been together ever since and just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. When I asked them to describe their marriage, it took only one word: LONG! But seriously, these two epitomize a loving, fun-filled, easy-going, enduring marriage. When I asked Paul "When did you know Liz was The One?" this was his reply:

If you spend every possible waking moment with a person (which we did), and you don't kill each other after a few years, you better tie that shit down. :)

That's the stuff of a happy marriage! Below are the photos I took at their vow renewal, which I had the pleasure of officiating. Rarely do I laugh so hard during a ceremony, but these two, and their friends and family, kept me in stitches through the whole thing!

All photos below by me. 

All photos above taken by me. 

Officiant: A Sweet Start
Venue: Private Residence
Cake: Liz and her family