Maine Photo Booth Vendors

3 people in a Maine photo booth at a wedding

Maine Photo Booth Vendors

Maine Photo Booth Vendors

Updated 2022

There’s something you should know about Maine wedding vendors: we LOVE photo booths! I’m not sure what it is, but every wedding vendor event I’ve been to the photo booth is always packed with people laughing, being silly, and having fun! Maybe it’s just that everyone loves a photo booth and we vendors are no different. Photo booths are so much fun! From what I’ve seen, they add an even more festive quality to your wedding reception!

So, if you’re looking for a good Maine photo booth vendor*, you’ve come to the right place.

Maine Photo Booth Companies

Many professional photographers now offer photo booths as an add-on, so you can also ask your photographer if this is something they offer.

*I’m offering these to you as options, not as recommendations. I know a few of the owners personally, but many of these vendors I don’t have personal experience with. Use your best judgement and ask a lot of questions to find the photo booth vendor that’s right for you and your event!


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