Maine Justice of the Peace

maine wedding justice of the peace

Maine Justice of the Peace

Maine Justice of the Peace

Are you looking for a Maine Justice of the Peace to perform your wedding ceremony? What you’ll find is that there are none in Maine.* But don’t worry, read on to find someone who can officiate your wedding.

No Justice of the Peace in Maine

In the late 1980’s the duties of the Maine Justice of the Peace were given to the Notary Public. One of those duties included performing wedding ceremonies. It’s an incredible honor and only three states in the United States allow Notaries Public to perform ceremonies. We’re very lucky that Maine is one of them. So, even though there are no Justices of the Peace in Maine, there are many wonderful professional Maine wedding officiants.

Just a note: Out of state Justices of the Peace are not authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Maine.

Maine Notary Public/Maine Wedding Officiant

I am a Maine Notary Public, so I have the authority to perform wedding ceremonies in Maine. I take my official role very seriously and know all the rules about how to get married in Maine. However, I’m so much more than just an official of the State and provide heartfelt, warm and engaging wedding ceremonies.

I’m a passionate, creative, professional wedding officiant who collaborates with my couples to craft a wedding ceremony that reflects their relationship and sets the tone for their marriage. I’m deeply committed to my couples and act as their touchstone throughout the entire wedding ceremony experience. You can read more about my approach to see if I’d be a good fit for your wedding ceremony.

I’m sorry you can’t get the old-timey Justice of the Peace for your Maine wedding, but yay that Maine allows Notaries to perform wedding ceremonies and I am one!

*Actually, there are Justices of the Peace in Maine but they are an official of the court and have nothing to do with marriages.


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