Maine Day-Of Wedding Coordinators

Maine day of wedding coordinators

Maine Day-Of Wedding Coordinators

Maine Day-Of Wedding Coordinators

Take the Test: Do you need a Maine Day of Wedding Coordinator?

How do you know if you need a Day of Wedding Coordinator also sometimes called a Day of Wedding Planner? Take this little test. If you answer “yes” to most of the questions below then you need a Day of Coordinator for your Maine wedding.

  1. You enjoy doing DIY projects for your wedding

  2. You’re wicked organized and communicate your needs clearly

  3. You have already or are going to design the look and feel of your wedding

  4. You don’t want people bugging you with questions on your wedding day

  5. You want to stay on budget!

  6. You want your friends and family to have a good time and not have to be working at your wedding

  7. You’ve planned lots of parties and understand how they should flow

  8. You appreciate the value of a well-timed, smoothly-run event

  9. You’re a control freak, but you don’t want to be in control on wedding day

  10. You want to be relaxed, blissed out, and stress-free on your wedding day

What is a Day-Of Coordinator?

Ok, so we’ve identified that you need a Day of Coordinator (DOC). Now let’s talk a little bit more about what these folks actually do (also listen to this interview with a real DOC).

Let me start by saying that the name “Day of” is really misleading.

A good Day of Planner will work with you for at least the month leading up to your wedding and sometimes even months in advance. Here are just a few of the important tasks they take on:

  • Make suggestions and refer you to vendors they know, like, and trust
  • Suggest wedding venues and give you guidance and feedback on your wedding weekend timeline
  • Run your rehearsal (if you don’t have a professional officiant to do it)
  • Liaison with all of your vendors and be the point of contact for everyone on wedding day
  • Ensure your wedding timeline runs smoothly and as on-time as possible

Your DOC is the person who makes sure every little detail you’ve thought of and planned for happens the way it’s supposed to. A DOC will even make sure the caterers, or people you’ve identified to set up your tables, know how to recreate your vision. The DOC will be the one to alert everyone that the wedding is about to start. They’ll cue the attendants to walk down the aisle. They’ll even make sure your dress is arranged and your lipstick is fresh (if you’re a wearing a dress and lipstick, otherwise this would be really awkward)!

Basically, your day-of wedding coordinator is there to ensure the wedding day unfolds seamlessly while you relax and enjoy every moment of the day!

Best List of Maine Wedding Coordinators

To help you find the Maine Day of Wedding Coordinator that’s right for you, I’ve created this list:

So, there you go! You now know you need a Day of Wedding Coordinator, you understand what it is they actually do, and you have a list of some awesome Maine Coordinators.

Some folks need more help with their wedding, and if you’re in that category, then maybe you’re looking for a Maine wedding planner. Planners can help with all aspects of the wedding planning from design and styling to venue and vendor search to seating charts and every single other thing you could possibly need help with.

Good luck and happy wedding!


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