Laughter, beer and a broken glass | Maine wedding officiant

You will see from the photos that this real Maine wedding that I officiated that they mixed sentimentality with humor and fun. Check out the one shot of me in mid-belly laugh! Kalyn and Ben chose to drink beer during their ceremony (rather than the traditional wine ceremony) and they included one of my favorite symbols of love: the breaking of the glass. What a perfect wedding day it was!

I posted the photos I took at this wedding, but the ones here are courtesy of Greta Tucker Photography. Greta happens to be one of my Talented Vendors, and I would like to add to my already rave review of her by saying that she's the kindest, sweetest, warmest professional you may ever work with. On wedding day she is "on" and gets every shot. She barely stops moving and the quality (and quantity) of the photos she takes proves it. Thanks, Greta, for letting me post these photos!