Maine Independent Bartenders and Bar Service Providers

Independent Maine Bar Service Providers

Maine Independent Bartenders and Bar Service Providers

Maine Independent Bartenders and Bar Service Providers

Many Maine catering companies and catering food trucks offer a bar as part of their services, but if your caterer doesn’t provide bar service, you’re going to need to hire a Maine independent bartending company. Luckily there are quite a few businesses providing on-site bartending services here in Maine.

Serving alcohol at a wedding makes happy people even happier!

Before you pick one of the companies off this list, make sure you read the nine points below. Serving alcohol at a wedding makes happy people even happier, but it also comes with responsibility and liability, so educate yourself and ask lots of questions.

If you’re looking for mobile bar service, like a converted horse trailer or airstream, we have that, too!

Maine Bar Service Providers for Weddings and Events

9 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Bartender

Consider these nine points before hiring an independent Maine bartending company.

  1. Licensed Bartending Company Consider hiring a full-service, licensed bartending company which will supply you with alcohol and take away and recycle the empties

  2. Criminal Liability If you do use a bartender that requires you to purchase the alcohol (which they will serve), remember that you and the bartender are criminally liable should a minor or a visibly intoxicated person be served

  3. Bar Service Staff Ask about service staff: will they provide staff or do guests have to come to the bar to order; will staff clear and bus glassware? If not, who will do that during cocktail hour?

  4. Glassware and Rentals Ask if glassware is included in the price, usually it’s a separate rental

  5. Extras Some bar tending companies provide the bar service tables, linens, mixers, napkins, straws, garnishes, trash containers, and everything else you can conceive of that they’ll need; others do not, so make sure you ask

  6. Ice Sometimes ice is a separate charge

  7. Tips Ask about tips, because tip money can be considered sales which then affects liability. Also do you feel comfortable allowing the bar to have a tip jar?

  8. Recycling What about returnables/recyclables? Have a plan and discuss it with your bar caterer

  9. Signature Cocktail And of course, ask if they can make you a signature cocktail!

Liquor laws in Maine are complicated and very strict so make sure you ask your bar service provider about your liability and their liability. Definitely ask them if they’re licensed and insured, the last thing you want is a lawsuit after the wedding.


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