How to Write Wedding Vows From the Heart

How to write wedding vows from the heart: a workbook

How to Write Wedding Vows From the Heart

How to Write Wedding Vows From the Heart

Writing wedding vows can feel overwhelming, right? Do you want to write your own wedding vows but don’t even know where to start? Writing about love is challenging, because it’s hard to do it without it being totally sappy or cliché. You want to write unique wedding vows that are original and not cut-n-pasted from the internet, but OMG it’s so overwhelming!

Coming up with your own vows can be very daunting. You might have questions like:

  • What should I say?
  • How can I make them personal?
  • How long should they be?

You might even have other questions and fears. It’s understandable, because writing deeply meaningful, humorous, loving vows that your honey will remember forever is a lot of pressure!

Do you want a stress-free way of writing your vows?

I’ve been helping clients write about love since 2011, so with all that experience, I’ve created an easy-to-use vow-writing workbook. I’ve created a simple-to-follow guide for crafting wedding vows that don’t sound like you found them on Pinterest.


“I loved the chance to reflect on how we met, how we’ve grown, and where we see ourselves in the future. It made the process easier and got us excited!” -Melissa M.

This workbook includes a simple – but impactful – proprietary formula to help you write vows that wow! And by “wow” I mean vows that are touching, honest, joyful and heartfelt. Vows that truly express the way you feel about your love. Vows that will melt your sweetie’s heart and make your guests emotional (in a good way).

  1. Download the workbook
  2. Complete the writing exercises
  3. End up with cohesive, comprehensive, cherished vows


“Maria’s vow writing process and workbook is absolutely seamless. It made writing my vows so simple and clear, and the end result was so much better than I expected!” -Cari K.

How to Write (and Read) Wedding Vows

Download this workbook and get started immediately on creating wedding vows that will wow! You’ll have original, personal and meaningful wedding vows done in less time than it takes to watch your favorite Netflix show*! Plus, I give you bonus tips about writing and reading your vows based on years of experience. You’re going to feel 100% confident on wedding day!


“The vows worksheet was such a useful tool to really add clarity and focus my ideas for writing my vows. It can be so daunting to stare at a blank piece of paper (or word document in my case) and you don’t know where to start! This process helped me keep my vows focused, loving and funny and helped me prevent my natural inclination to ramble! Plus, the checklist was so helpful. This pairs so perfectly with Maria’s style of crafting unique and beautiful ceremonies and will certainly lead to a unified tone and a truly memorable ceremony” – Meghan G.

*Actual time spent will vary, but most users complete the workbook and have final vows in under an hour.


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