How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

How to shop for an engagement ring

I got this message from a friend of mine:

I have a question for you, my friend. Do you have any recommendations for the best place to shop for wedding/engagement rings in the state and out of state? Asking for a friend – a friend who wants to marry me but is super stressed about the ring stuff!

Why,  yes, I do! Here is my advice to her and to all of you. 

What Kind of Ring?

First of all, everyone does the engagement ring thing differently. You want to decide on what kind of an engagement ring you’ll be using. Some people use a ring passed down for generations, some craft the ring together (I had a couple who did that!), some choose the ring as a complete surprise for their sweetie, and others do what I did. Read on…

Design Your Own Ring

I knew exactly what I wanted (if you know me, this won’t surprise you!), so I spent time using Blue Nile’s Build Your Own Ring online tool to design my dream engagement ring. I chose the setting, the stone, the metal and even the wedding band. I then printed it off and gave it to my boyfriend (at the time). Subtle, right? It’s just that I didn’t want to end up with a ring I wasn’t over-the-moon about. I know some people will think what I did was totally unromantic but, who cares, I LOVE my engagement ring (it’s the one in the photo above)! 

My boyfriend then took the print-out of the ring I had designed to the local jeweler. The jeweler gave him five or so diamonds to choose from and then they crafted the ring just for me! I liked that we supported a local jeweler AND that Nick was able to see the diamond in person before purchasing the stone. 

If you’re not like me and don’t know what you want, spend some time on Pinterest viewing different kinds of engagement rings. Have fun!

Where to Find Engagement Rings

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

If you’re not into the traditional diamond engagement ring, then check out these jewelers for some really unique rings.

Traditional Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for the more traditional diamond engagement ring, here are my top picks. Remember to always shop for ethical, sustainable and conflict-free diamonds.

Once you have the ring, now you can find out how to propose to your true love. Also make sure you know how to clean your engagement ring! And learn where to wear your engagement ring during the ceremony


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