3 Reasons to Book Your Honeymoon with Me

3 Reasons to Book Your Honeymoon with Me

3 Reasons to Book Your Honeymoon with Me

I’ve got some wicked exciting news! My husband and I have opened a home-based travel agency called Steward and Porter Travel, so now, along with being your professional wedding officiant, I can book your honeymoon for you! Read on to find out all the different ways I can help you with your honeymoon or other travel arrangements.


  1. Exclusive Deals & PromotionsI have access to deals and promos you won’t find online. I’m associated with World Travel Holdings, which is the largest travel agency in the world. They even own their own properties and hold space on cruise ships just for you, our clients. It’s amazing to have access to these kinds of specials. I know that sounds kind of salesy, but it’s really true! You could actually save money by booking with me!
  2. Free Honeymoon RegistryYou probably care more about experiences than you do about things, right? I mean, do you really need another toaster or set of bowls? Instead of – or in addition to – a regular registry, try our free honeymoon registry. Create a registry for fun and immersive experiences to entertain you on your honeymoon! You can also create a free wedding website, while you’re there!
  3. Stewardship from Start to FinishWe named our business Steward and Porter Travel because we believe in the concept of stewardship. Our goal is to steward you through every aspect of your trip, from offering advice and guidance on destinations, to being there 24-hours a day when you’re on your trip, to following up with you when you get home to find out if there are ways we can serve you even better on the next trip. When you book with me, you have someone to advocate for you when things go wrong, someone to call when a question pops up, and someone to offer you tips to make your adventure more exciting and enjoyable.


Some people think that travel agents are more expensive than booking online because we get paid a commission. What you might not know is that the supplier (hotel, cruise line, rental car company, etc.) pays our commission, not you. We charge a small planning fee (currently $24.99/booking), which you’ll come to see is a tiny price for the value of:

  • Reducing your research time
  • Offering guidance on destinations
  • Narrowing down your options
  • Comparing the value of your options
  • Keeping you within your budget
  • Deciphering the fine print and cancelation policies
  • Finding the best deals
  • Creating custom itineraries
  • Reading supplier reviews to find the best one for you
  • Matching you with the perfect suppliers (cruise lines, hotels, tours/excursions, etc.)
  • Bundling all your trip features into one itinerary
  • Providing access to your custom itinerary – with live links to your suppliers and activities – both online and on an iPhone or Android app
  • Picking up the phone when you call
  • Advocating for you if things go wrong

I know I’m going to sound like a sales person, but…all that for just $24.99!? That’s right, all that and more!

Visit our website, create your honeymoon registry, hop on our mailing list at the top of our page by entering your email and clicking “Join,” and then contact me to get started planning your custom honeymoon vacation!



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