More Frequently Asked Questions

More Frequently Asked Questions

More Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I’m frequently asked as a professional  Maine wedding officiant

Questions I’m frequently asked as a professional Maine wedding officiant

I have a whole page on my website with frequently asked questions, but I thought I’d share some of the most common questions I’m asked. Many of these questions come during the initial video chat consultation where couples and I meet each other and decide if we’re a good fit for their wedding ceremony.

I love it when you ask questions because it shows you care about your ceremony and who will ultimately perform it.

Common Questions I’m Asked

Q: Can we write our own vows and more importantly, can you offer us guidance on how to write them without them sounding cliche?

A: Yes and Yes! If you want to write your own vows, I can offer you ideas and tips on how to do it in a meaningful way. I also offer to review them for length and tone so one isn’t short and funny and the other is long and serious.

A: For the Super Sweet Ceremony, we start working on your ceremony three months in advance of your wedding. We start two months prior for the Sweet + Simple Ceremony.

Q: When do we start working on the ceremony?

A: I wrote a blog post about how to get married in Maine, but the short answer is: if you live in Maine you have to get your marriage license in the town in which one of you lives. If you live outside Maine you can get your license in any town in Maine (it doesn’t have to be the town where you’re getting married). The license is good for 90 days, no blood test is required, and you both must go in person to the town office.

Q: How, when and where do we get our marriage license?

Q: We grew up going to church but wouldn’t consider ourselves religious. However, we want to include some more spiritual elements into the ceremony to acknowledge our backgrounds. Can we do this with you?

A: Even though I’m a notary public and not a member of a faith organization, you can still include some religious elements into your ceremony. I do not say God or speak about your religion, however, so we find other ways for your to incorporate your faith traditions. I specialize in secular (non-religious) Jewish wedding traditions.

A: Yes, please! Once you’re booked clients, I warmly welcome in-person visits! Usually we schedule a coffee date. I’m very flexible and can work into your busy schedule. Just shoot me an email.

Q: Can we meet you in person before the wedding?

Q: We’d like to ask a friend to come up and share a reading during our ceremony, is that ok?

A: Not only is that ok, I encourage it! Adding wedding readings into your ceremony allows time for pause and reflection. Ceremonies zoom by, so anything we can do to slow – down – time is a good thing. Inviting a friend to add their voice into your ceremony is also a meaningful way to include those closest to you. For best results, have the reader pick what they’re going to read so it means something to them, too.

Q: How quickly will we get our marriage license after the wedding?

A: The answer to this is determined by the town in which you applied for your license. They’re the ones who process it, so it probably depends on the volume of marriage licenses they’re processing. When you file your intention to marry, purchase the certified copy of your license, which should speed up the process.


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