Review of A Sweet Start

Review of A Sweet Start

Review of A Sweet Start

This morning I received an email that not only made me cry but validated for me that all the hard work is totally, 100% worth it! This came from Greta Tucker, a dear friendor (friend + vendor), who I had the pleasure of working with at this past weekend’s wedding

You know, on Saturday I saw you in such a different way…not anything that I didn’t know before, but I didn’t realize it was THIS magical. 🙂

The way Lissa reacted to you coming into the [bridal suite], it was just amazing, she was SO happy to see you and you totally made her feel so much better and at ease. It’s so nice to see the relationships you build with your clients, the way you “get” them, their personalities, and their relationship. 

I wanted to tell you how much I LOVED seeing the magic you bring to people’s lives and how you treat everyone like they matter and they are not just one of your clients but personalities and stories that you helped write. You made a difference in their story and in such beautiful way. OMG! 

-Greta Tucker
Greta Tucker Photography


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