Make sure you eat on wedding day

Make sure you eat on wedding day

Make sure you eat on wedding day

Make sure you eat on wedding day | Photo by  A Sweet Start  a Maine wedding officiant

Make sure you eat on wedding day | Photo by A Sweet Start a Maine wedding officiant

I remember thinking about how I could make sure to eat on my wedding day. I’m a bit of a foodie (which just means I LOVE food) so it was really important to me that I eat. Plus, I get cranky and annoying when I don’t eat, so for the sake of my new husband and all my guests, I decided to plan eating into my wedding day timeline

Here are a few *tips on how to make sure you eat on wedding day. 


Do not skip breakfast. I repeat: do NOT skip breakfast on wedding day. Even if you don’t normally eat breakfast, consider doing so on your wedding day. You may miss lunch or not want to eat a lot because by that time you might be in your wedding attire, so do yourself a favor and eat a hearty breakfast. Consider nutritious food that will keep your energy up, something like eggs, nuts, bananas, yogurt, oatmeal and whole grain toast with nut butter. Stay away from sugary items like cereals, muffins, pastries and french toast. They may taste good but your blood sugar will drop a few hours later and that’s not good. 


Have a light lunch or even just a smoothie rich with nut butter and yogurt. You may already be in your wedding attire by midday so consider food that’s easy to eat. Even a healthy snack should carry you through until dinner. Maybe have your attendants be in charge of supplying this meal. Suggest items like cheese sticks, hummus and veggies, fruit salad with plain yogurt, nuts or tail mix, bananas, hard boiled eggs…you get the idea: yummy, healthy and easy to eat. 


Wait, what? What’s a Yichud? It’s going to be the best part of your wedding day! It’s the 10 minutes that you and your beloved take directly after the ceremony to be alone. Talk to your wedding planner and caterer and let them know that you want a small plate of hors d’oeuvres and two drinks set up at a convenient location not too far from your ceremony site (but far enough away that guests won’t interrupt you). Remember to tell your photographer about it, too, it’s a sweet and intimate photo opp. I did this at my own wedding, and it’s also something that my friendor, Wendy from Dragonfly Services Day Of Coordinator, does for all her clients. Such a great idea and ensures you eat. Plus you get to taste the delicious appetizers. 


The best way to make sure you eat dinner on your wedding day is to get served first. Either be the first two people through the buffet line or have your caterers serve you first. Every caterer I know already does this, but it’s good for you think about, too. Then when you get your meal, eat. If you’re at a sweetheart table where it’s just the two of you, you’ll have an ever greater chance of actually eating, because you won’t feel like you have to be social with the guests at your table. Some guests will stop by to say hello and congratulate you while you’re eating, so you’ll have to stay focused and take a bit of food the minute they leave your table. I know it sounds silly, but eating your dinner is so important. 

Why eating your wedding dinner is so important

  1. On wedding day, you’re so excited and social that you’re not paying attention to the normal messages from your body that are telling you when you’re hungry.

  2. You may have only had a light lunch and so much has happened between then and now and you’ve burned a ton of calories (yay!).

  3. You’ve probably already had a few cocktails and you don’t want to get drunk, so eat up!

  4. You’ve got a FUN, long night of dancing ahead of you, you’re going to need the energy to outlast your guests.

  5. You’ve been dreaming about your wedding dinner ever since your tasting with the caterer month ago. Don’t be one of those people who says “I hope the meal was good, I never got to try it.”

Late Night Snack

Some wedding couples even have their caterers prepare a late night snack for their guests or even just for the two of them back at their wedding suite. This is a genius idea! But if that’s not in your budget, then just think ahead and have some snacks waiting for you in your room. Again, the job of prepping your snacks can be outsourced to one of your attendants. 

So, what do you think? Will this help you eat on your wedding day? I hope so. You’ll definitely thank me later! 

*Please note: I am not a doctor and do not play one on TV. These are just my common sense recommendations based on my experience as a person who eats food. Consult your doctor before taking any advice. 


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