5 reasons to have an unplugged ceremony

I recently officiated a wedding where the guests were asked to turn off all devices during the ceremony. I supported the idea of unplugged weddings before this, but not until I experienced it first-hand did I understand the power of guests putting down the camera during the wedding ceremony. Everyone focused their energy and attention on the bride and groom. Seeing all those faces, which are normally hidden behind camera screens, brought such life to the ceremony. It truly felt like each person there was a witness, which is exactly why they were invited in the first place. 

Just in case you needed them, here are the top five reasons to have an unplugged ceremony:

  1. Guests' total attention and focus on the ceremony.
  2. Photographers will get beautiful shots without having to crop out phones. 
  3. Processional shots not ruined by guests leaning into the aisle. 
  4. Energy and mood of the ceremony improved (trust me on this one!).
  5. Smiling faces of your friends and family looking up you.

Check out these photos to see how beautiful an unplugged wedding ceremony can be. All photos by Greta Tucker Photography

At the end of the ceremony, I announced that it was time for everyone to take out their cameras, and start taking photos. We gave the guests time to get a few shots. It worked so well! The photo below is from the photo opp.

Cool Wedding Websites

I'm a big fan of Squarespace, which is the service I use for this blog/website. They are promoting their templates to couples getting married for wedding website, or wedsites, and I think you might want to check them out. 

What You Get 

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wedding websites or wedsites

wedding website, or wedsite, sample from WedOverHeels

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