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the other day my sister asked me about good stores online where she could for a dress for her to wear to a wedding. it got me thinking: that would be a great blog post especially, if you're like me and you don't live in an urban metropolitan area. as much as we love supporting local businesses it's sometimes necessary to shop online for the dress that's just right for the wedding you're attending or you're in. 


i did a little poll on facebook and came up with the following online retailers for party dresses, cocktail dresses, rehearsal dresses, bridesmaid dresses or after-party dresses. where do you love to shop? leave your favorite retailers in the comments. 


mod cloth

anne taylor loft



rent the runway

white house | black market

j. crew


shop ruche

lela rose



shop ruche

mod cloth

i have a great pinterest board of bridesmaid dresses that might give you some fun inspiration of what you're looking for! 

gluten free | vegan | sugar free wedding cakes

Cake by Nothing Bakes Like a Parrott | Photo by Corbin Gurkin

are you looking for a bakery that will craft your wedding cake using gluten free, vegan, or sugar free ingredients? check out this list of maine bakeries who make cakes for couples (or guests) with dietary restricts. 

good eats boutique portland | gluten free, vegan and sugar free by special order. dedicated gluten free kitchen.

bam bam bakery portland | gluten free, dairy free, vegan (no sugar free). dedicated gluten free kitchen.

hippie chick bakery new hampshire seacoast | gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, nut free, soy and corn free by special request. 

ahimsa custom cakes auburn | all vegan, gluten free as a preference not for folks with life-threatening allergies, sugar-free using agave (no artificial sugar substitutes), they never use eggs, honey or dairy.  

frank's bake shop bangor | gluten free, vegan, sugar free (they use xylitol). very careful about cross-contamination but not completely sterile kitchen.

as richard from gluten free maine explained, one of the most serious problems in gluten free bakeries is cross contamination. although i've personally called each of the bakeries on this list, please check with them about their facility before ordering. if you know of other bakeries doing GF and special diet wedding cakes, please leave me a comment or send me an email.

special thanks to scott for asking about this topic on facebook which inspired this blog post!

wedding music in maine

i asked my friends on facebook to recommend wedding musicians, bands and dj's in maine. here are their recommendations. follow this link for an awesome list of the best maine wedding bands. 

dj jon the BEST dj in all of maine (and maybe everywhere else, too)!

djs maine

kat logan & jim loney (i can't find another website for them - see video above)

denny breau and paul mellyn (i think they play together sometimes)

the mallett brothers not sure they do weddings but their alt-country, foot-stomping rock is all that!

dan giroux entertainment services

tattoo (not sure they would come to maine but they're really good)

the repeat offenders

big chief and the continentals

cozmik zombies awesome rockabilly rock

peter miles excellent guitarist and singer

opus trio great for ceremony music

maine bella musica string ensemble

Marcel Gagne – Steppin’ Out DJ Services – (207) 353-5414 (207) 777-5060mrg@ceimaine.orgthis is who we used for our wedding and he was great to work with!

maine music there are two volumes of music from maine musicians, you might find one you like

downeast dance network scroll down to see the listings

who have you hired for your wedding music? i'd love to add some names to this list. let me know if you would recommend your musicians or dj. 

survey results

drumroll please...and now the results of my super biased, non-random survey. i posted this question on my a sweet start facebook page, but not enough people were answering, so i shared it on my personal page. so the audience was pretty much weighted towards the kinds of friends i have, but that might be interesting, too. so here goes:

so that's 8 for notary public; 7 for religious figure; 2 for ordained friend; 8 for JP/judge; and 2 for other, one of which was elvis (as in, las vegas elvis!). are you surprised? 

what about you? if you're getting married, who is going to marry you? if you're already married, who performed your ceremony?


facebook questions: same sex marriage & weddings in vermont

i had a great question on my facebook page today. i was asked if same sex marriages are legal in maine. unfortunately, they are not. in 2009 our govenor at the time signed a bill allowing same sex marriages, but opponents petitioned for a referendum which they won and so the bill never went into effect. you can read the wiki article about what happened. i look forward to the day when i can perform marriages for any two couples in love!

i was also asked if i can perform marriages in vermont. because i am ordained by the universal life church monastery i can perform marriages anywhere in the united states. the only caveat is that the town you live in must accept my ordination. some towns have very specific rules on who can perform marriages so you'll need to research this before i can perform your marriage. if you live in a state other than maine and are interested in my services, let me know and i can help you do the research. i'd love to do a wedding in vermont! i'm from new hampshire and would love to do one there, too! remember, travel fees apply beyond 15 miles from damariscotta, maine.