Book A Sweet Start in 5 Easy Steps

Book A Sweet Start in 5 Easy Steps

Book A Sweet Start in 5 Easy Steps

Book A Sweet Start, a  Maine wedding officiant , in 5 easy steps!

Book A Sweet Start, a Maine wedding officiant, in 5 easy steps!

In 5 easy steps you could be working with Maria from A Sweet Start, one of Maine’s best wedding officiants! Wait, I’m writing this post, so I should say “You could be working with me!”

Step #1 The Inquiry Email

You might not know this, but the inquiry email is very important. You want your inquiry to stand out from all the other ones I receive. So, make it interesting and give me information about your wedding and your mate.

Step #2 The Meet-n-Greet

This is my favorite step because it’s when I get to meet you two! We’ll schedule a 30-minute video chat to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. You should look for an officiant you feel a warm connection with; someone who can earn your trust. Hopefully it’s me, but it might not be, and that’s totally ok!

Step #3 The Paperwork

This is when you read the service agreement carefully and then electronically sign it. Easy, peasy!

Step #4 Pay the Deposit

I require a non-refundable save-the-date deposit of 50% of the fee to officiate. The balance, including travel, parking, accommodations (if applicable) is due one month before the big day! You receive an electronic invoice and I accept all major credit cards.

Step #5 That’s It

We’re off to a sweet start! Woohoo!


COVID-19: I’m booking small, safe weddings for 2020 and all weddings for 2021 and 2022. Check your availability