Advice for wearing a wedding veil

Advice for wearing a wedding veil

Advice for wearing a wedding veil

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Advice for wearing a wedding veil. | Photo by  Cameron Stow  on  Unsplash

Advice for wearing a wedding veil. | Photo by Cameron Stow on Unsplash

More and more, brides are choosing to wear a veil during their wedding. Many of them decide to have the veil already off their face for the ceremony, while a few brides are sticking with the tradition of having the wedding veil over their face until the kiss. If you’re going with the veil over the face, here are a few things to think about. 

Wedding Veil Tips

  • Do you think you might cry? If so, practice wearing the veil and using a tissue to blot your eyes.

  • Practice wearing the veil for at least 30 minutes to get a feel for the weight, how it moves, a sense of your range of motion, etc. You don’t want it to be a distraction for you, so get comfortable with it ahead of time.

  • If you’re reading your own vows, also practice reading them with the veil over your face to make sure it’s easy and comfortable.

  • Believe it or not, here in Maine, I have seen blackflies get caught under veils, which can be very distracting. Consider having a backup plan (that might involve your maid of honor coming to your rescue) in case you’re being attacked during the ceremony.

  • If it’s a super windy day, consider making a wedding-day decision on whether to have the veil over your face or not.

When to Lift the Veil

If you are going to wear a veil over your face, have you decided when it will be lifted and by whom? Here are some options for when to lift the veil during the wedding ceremony. (I apologize for my heternormative language here, of course this could be two brides who both wear veils!)

  1. You lift the veil to kiss your father goodbye and take your place at the “altar.”

  2. More traditionally your father lifts the veil to kiss you before “handing you off” (I hate that phrase) to the groom.

  3. Keep the veil down as you say goodbye to your father and have the groom lift the veil when you’re in place but before the ceremony begins.

  4. Keep the veil down until right before the vows, then either you or the groom can lift the veil.

  5. Have the groom lift the veil right before the kiss!

I also want to share an article I came across that makes some good points about all the different options for when to lift the veil.  

Did you wear a veil at your wedding? Leave a comment with your tips or advice. 


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