Simply put, Maria is incredible. Though incredible hardly seems powerful enough a word. While people review everything these days, it is somewhat difficult to write a proper, glowing review. All of the typical words sound cliché. Amazing, wonderful, special; they all seem so underwhelming when you have experienced what Maria actually brings to your wedding day. Maria has a quality about her that is exceptionally rare. The first time you speak with her, it feels as if you have known her forever. She has a wonderful charisma and a true passion for helping to make your wedding exactly what it should be: memorable. Maria works tirelessly to compose a custom ceremony for her clients. She provides what seem like unlimited options, encourages collaboration, and welcomes feedback. In fact, just a week or so before our wedding day, Maria was still communicating with us about minor changes in the script – all to make sure that we were comfortable and that everything would be perfect. And it was. Maria will give you exactly what you dream of, all while ingratiating herself to your closest friends and family. I cannot count the number of people who came up to us and told us what an amazing ceremony Maria performed – and while she would never admit it, I know Maria kept getting pulled aside afterwards as people heaped their profuse (and wholly deserved) praise. People always say it is difficult to remember your wedding day. For some, that may be true. For us? We can say with unyielding confidence that Maria will put together a ceremony that you will never forget. So, Maria, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Sincerely, Harrison and Callie.