5 Wedding Ceremony Trends You Might Not Have Thought Of

5 Wedding Ceremony Trends You Might Not Have Thought Of

5 Wedding Ceremony Trends You Might Not Have Thought Of

I’ve been officiating weddings since 2011, so I’ve seen a lot of wedding trends come and go. I’m not one of those people who hate trends. In fact, all I care about is that you’re incorporating things into your wedding or ceremony that feel like they reflect you as individuals and as a couple. If they happen to be trendy, great! If they’re totally non-traditional, great!

I see a lot of blog posts by wedding professionals entitled “Wedding Trends that Need to Die” or something equally dramatic. To me, these posts project negative energy, and if you know anything about me I’m all about positivity, baby!  

So, in this post, I share some interesting trends I’ve started seeing or have seen over the past few years. Some of these will resonate with you and some of them won’t, and that’s totally ok.

There’s no pressure to do any of these, if they don’t feel like a reflection of your relationship. But I thought you might find a nugget or two of inspiration in this post about wedding ceremony trends.

Unique and New Wedding Ceremony Ideas 

#1 Threesomes

I’ve started seeing more brides and grooms walking down the aisle with both of their parents. This is a lovely way to honor both parents and to have them be part of the formal processional.

#2 Opposite Sides

Parents are opting to sit on the opposite side from their child during the ceremony. This allows them to see their child’s face during the proceedings. If they’re sitting on their child’s “side” parents are often just looking at their child’s back, at least during the portion of the ceremony where the couple is facing each other.

#3 Vow Books

I love this trend! A vow book is a small, bound notebook in which the brides and/or grooms write their vows. The books are usually laying on a small table during the ceremony and the officiant (me!) will hand them to the couple during the vows. These sweet little books are a lovely keepsake for after the wedding.  

#4 Limit the Chairs

I’m so glad this “trend” is catching on! Many couples, especially the ones who have wise wedding planners, are opting to have just enough ceremony chairs in the front row for the number of people who will sit there. I think empty chairs in the front row during the ceremony feels sad. It feels like people are missing, when in fact everyone is there who should be there.

#5 More Vows

This is another fun trend where couples are choosing to say the traditional “I do!” vows or the “Repeat after me…” vows AND read their own vows to each other. Gone are the days where you have to do one or the other, now you can do both! Reading your personal vows brings your voices into the ceremony, which enriches the proceedings.

What trends are you seeing? Are there any unique and interesting wedding ceremony trends you’re incorporating into your wedding? I’d love to hear about them. Shoot me an email or leave a comment below.


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