5 reasons to get married in Maine

5 reasons to get married in Maine

5 reasons to get married in Maine

Top 5 reasons to get married in Maine | Photo by Photo by  Louis Hansel

Top 5 reasons to get married in Maine | Photo by Photo by Louis Hansel

Maine has such a special place in my heart. I grew up in Southern New Hampshire, but every summer my family camped on Mount Desert Island off the coast of Maine. My parents fell in love with the rugged coastline and vowed to one day retire to Maine.

Their dream came true in 2006! That year also happened to be the same summer that my husband and I got married in the backyard of their Maine home.

My husband and I moved to Maine shortly after our wedding and have lived here ever since.

So, I’m going to share five reasons to get married in Maine based on my experience as a bride and also as a professional wedding officiant.

Why you should get married in Maine

 #1 Wicked Talented Wedding Pros

Mainers, or Maniacs as they are jokingly called, show genuine kindness to strangers. I work with hundreds of wedding professionals who are hardworking, down-to-earth, compassionate people who have the expertise and sophistication to provide you with the best wedding possible. From elopements and micro-weddings to extravagant and luxurious celebrations, your Maine wedding pros can get it done. Getting married in Maine and working with this talented and kind community of wedding pros would be the smartest move you could make!  

#2 Lobster, lobster, lobster

If you get married in Maine for no other reason than the lobster, I would totally understand. The cold waters in the Gulf of Maine mean we have the most delicious lobster. Caterers have gotten really creative with different ways of serving our unofficial state food. Think lobster rolls, lobster mac-n-cheese, lobster puffs, lobster crepes and any other way you could possible think to serve lobster. Or just go for it and serve whole lobster for your wedding dinner!

#3 Every Terrain You Desire

Like mountains? Maine has ‘em. Like rushing rivers? We have them, too. Prefer a meadow? No problem! Want to get married in a barn on a farm? Gotcha covered. Drawn to the nautical coast? Maine has 3,478 miles of rocky shore. Always dreamed of marrying on a lake? There are at least 2, 677 lakes in Maine. Looking for an industrial feel? Maine has loads of old brick mills to do the trick. Want to get married on the water literally? Sure, no problem! Do you see where I’m going with this? Maine has every possible landscape you might want for your wedding!

#4 Activities Galore

This sort of goes along with the previous number. Because we have every terrain imaginable, we also have every activity and sport imaginable. Maine has amusement parks, board walks and salt water taffy stores, and we also have serene hiking trails and mountain biking. You can kayak, SUP, surf, windsurf, sail, whale watch, puffin watch, island hop, and swim. You can hike, hunt, camp, fish, climb, birdwatch, paddle, ski, and ATV. You can shop, spa, yoga, sightsee and dine. You can golf, bowl, horseback ride, skate, and watch baseball. You can literally do it all! Check out what to do in Portland, Maine and this post about honeymooning in Maine.

#5 Beer, Wine and Spirits

I don’t know if you know this, but Maine’s brewery community is booming. Maine consistently ranks in the states with the highest number of breweries per capita. In 2018 there were 117 licensed breweries. Maine is hopping (get it?)!  While this might not be so surprising, you’re probably very surprised to know that Maine is also home to more than 20 wineries and almost 20 distilleries. You could serve locally made beer, wine and spirits at your wedding, which will totally impress your guests.


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