3 Things No One Should Do at a Wedding

3 Things No One Should Do at a Wedding

3 Things No One Should Do at a Wedding

Never do these three things at a wedding

In order to achieve the fun and festive atmosphere you want at your wedding, there are a few things that you should never do. Actually, these are things that should never be done by anyone on wedding day, not your wedding vendors, wedding party, family members or anyone. In the past, I’ve talked about how to create a calm, relaxed environment on wedding day and how to calm your nerves on wedding day, but today I’m talking about three things to definitely avoid doing.

Avoid These 3 Things at Your Wedding

Starting at the wedding rehearsal and for the rest of the wedding weekend, everyone on your wedding team (vendors, friends, family members, etc.) should avoid the following.

#1 Rushing

You’re looking for a calm, relaxed, laid back atmosphere at your wedding, not a hurried, anxious, frantic pace. I work really hard to ensure that you experience a peaceful, joyful wedding ceremony, and I do this by not rushing. Let the ceremony start a few minutes later rather than rushing to have it start on time. Don’t let anyone rush you at any point on wedding day. Even if something comes up that requires a quick response, try to address it in an unhurried way. Take lots of deep breaths and keep your eye on the big picture if you feel yourself starting to rush.

#2 Running

Along with rushing, no one should be running at your wedding. Nothing takes you out of the moment faster than an abrupt change in energy. Someone breaking into a run changes the experience from a serene one to an anxious one. Trust me on this one, I’ve seen it happen. In advance of your wedding, consider asking your friends and family to adhere to this “rule” and to do anything they can not to run on your wedding day.  

#3 Yelling

As long as you’re asking your wedding team not to rush or run, you might as well add in “Please don’t yell at any time on wedding weekend, including at the rehearsal.” Even if someone needs to get the attention of a large group, no one should be raising their voice. I find that lowering my voice actually helps get the attention of the group better than yelling and it maintains that lovely relaxed mood we’re going for. Just like running, yelling takes you right out of the magic of the wedding. My goal is to keep my couples in a blissful wedding bubble and someone shouting immediately pops that bubble.


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