things i'm loving

i'm on a bit of a break from weddings until august, so i thought i'd drop in with a quick "things i'm loving" post. i'd love to know what you're loving at the moment. 

these popsicles - although i haven't made them yet, i'm going to (for my birthday party!)
this dress - not sure how it would look on me, but i LOVE it!
this album - okay, i know it's not "new" but it's so, so good (and he's hot). thanks, erin, for giving it to me!
this bathing suit - i'm totally into stripes at the moment (can you tell?) 
this maine band - we're seeing them in concert next week 
this show - my husband and i are completely hooked and watching every season on netflix
this drink - i am serioulsy addicted, i have one every day after lunch 
this snack - i'm not 100% convinced it's real but if it were...

what are you loving?