wedding traditions: the huppah

so by now you know that i'm not technically jewish, but i am really drawn to some of the jewish wedding traditions. you may have seen my post about the yichud tradition, which i incorporated into my wedding. well, we also incorporated the huppah (also known as chuppah, chupah, or chuppa) into our wedding. i love the symbolism of this traditional element. 

the knot complete guide to weddings describes the jewish tradition of the huppah this way: 

This canopy, held aloft over the [couple getting married], dates to the tent of Abraham and those nomadic desert days when all Jewish wedding ceremonies were held outdoors. Back then the huppah was used to create an intimate, sanctified space. Today it represents your new home (with open sides, inviting friends and family in).

for our wedding, we had three of my sisters and one of my husband's sisters holding the four corners of our huppah. the covering was white cotten with corners embroidered in elaborate flowers by my mother, the poles were straight and sturdy white birch poles that were harvested by my brother-in-law and nephew. not only did i love the idea of the sheltering home over our heads during our ceremony, but using the huppah allowed us to include many of our family members in our ceremony. 

i'm particularly fond of the wedding huppah used outdoors and made from branches or natural elements, but many people choose a huppah even for an indoor wedding. they can be decorated with flowers or left as simple bare branches. either way, using a huppah might be a nice addition to your ceremony.  

what do you think of this tradition? would you get married under a huppah?