things i'm thankful for

this is a bit of a twist on the "things i'm loving" post in honor of thanksgiving. herewith my list:

my kitty cats - check them out on instagram (pretty much the only place i subject you to endless pics of my cats)

my sweet, intelligent, thoughtful, hilarious husband

my little riverside town - damariscotta, maine, baby 

my full time job - they allow me to take time off in the summer so i can perform weddings and match my 401k!

my photography teacher/mentor/friend - i love you erin

window inserts - non-sequitor

my mom's rutabaga casserole - this isn't my mom's recipe (or blog) but it's the best i could find

club med in cancun - it's where i met my husband almost 9 years ago

fun things to do in winter - or else i'd go insane

warm wool socks - trust me, if you live in maine you need like 50 pairs!

the lincoln county animal shelter - for taking care of all the pets who are looking for a home

what are you thankful for this year?