wine box gift idea


Image via Style Me Pretty

the other day i was talking to someone who gifted his coworker with a bottle of wine for her wedding. no big deal, right, that happens all the time. but this wasn't just any bottle of wine. read on to find out john's wedding wine box idea. 

traditional wine box ceremony

you may have heard of the wine box ceremony where a couple seals a bottle of wine and love notes in a box during their ceremony. the idea is that the box stays sealed until their 10th anniversary or unless they run into trouble in their marriage. i've actually performed a wedding where a couple did this and it was so sweet! 

john's wine box idea

here's a way to take that idea and make it into a gift. john bought a special bottle of wine and a box. he then asked people from all parts of the couple's life to write notes of widsom, advice, or just well wishes. he sealed those notes inside the box and presented it to the couple on their wedding day with instructions for the couple to open the box on their 7th anniversary. 

when i talked to john the other day, the couple had just celebrated their anniversary but hadn't yet had time to open the box. but here's the best part, there are notes in the box from three family members of the bride who have passed away since the wedding. i can't even imagine how meaningful it will be to the bride as she reads those notes. 

so, what do you think? is this the kind of gift you might give?