wedding details

wedding details

wedding details

When planning your wedding, if you’re like me you found a great wedding budget template and had all the categories filled out for your wedding. You had prioritized your big ticket items and had carefully budgeted for flowers, the photography, the cake, the caterer, the dress…all the big stuff. You were even so clever as to add in a 10% overage. That was wicked smaht! And then a few months before the wedding you realized there were a million other things you needed that weren’t big and that never showed up on any of the budget templates and that you absolutely had to have.

Last Minute Wedding Details

Here is a partial list of those little details that I needed for my wedding and that pushed me go over my budget. I know they’re really specific to my wedding, but hopefully you get the picture. I wish someone had told me about these things earlier so I could have budgeted for them. Hopefully, I’m that someone for you!

  • Nice pen for the guestbook
  • Um…a nice guestbook
  • Good scissors for cutting the paper table numbers
  • Um…good cardstock paper for the tables numbers
  • Purchasing a font (we did our own programs, seating charts and placecards)
  • A basket for the flashlight favors
  • Balloons for the sign on the road
  • Posterboard to make the signs that we put on the road
  • Wooden stakes so we could put up the signs that we made for the road
  • Ribbon to tie off reserved seating for the ceremony
  • More good cardstock for the placecards
  • Decorative star hole punch for the placecards
  • Raffia for the placecards
  • Games, toys, crayons, candy, etc. for the kids’ table
  • Oilcloth tablecloth for kids’ table
  • Lanterns for the bar and portable bathrooms (we used these awesome ones from IKEA)
  • Sunscreen for guest bathrooms
  • Wedding day essentials!

Do you see what I mean?! There were so many little details I hadn’t thought of, let alone budgeted for, and it was these kinds of things that put us over budget. Each one doesn’t cost much but they sure added up!

What about you? Are you having the same dilemma?


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